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How to safely transfer data from Android to iPhone and vice versa

Panda Security experts explain how to transfer files and data from one device to another, such as a new smartphone, in a secure way, even on devices with different operating systems such as iPhone and Android.

Panda Security explains how to safely transfer apps and data to iPhone and Android

Switching smartphones for some, exciting as it is, is a minor trauma. Especially because we say goodbye to a device that contains a lot of sensitive data as well as information and files that we would not want to lose. With the memories of modern devices, then, thinking about copying every single file is something out of the question. That’s why today, with the help of the experts from Panda Securitywe explain how to transfer files, apps and data from old smartphone to new oneeven through different operating systems such as Android and iOS (iPhone).

Transfer data to an Android phone: Backup tramite Google Drive

When we talk about Android we are talking about the most used mobile operating system in the world, belonging to Google. To fully use the functionality of an Android smartphone, you need to create a Account Google. In this account it is possible back up your datawhich are stored in the cloud on Google Drive. The advice is to always have a Gmail account available to back up. In this way, even when using a new device for the first time, during the configuration it will be possible to automatically import apps and data from the old one smartphone.

Switch from iOS to Android and vice versa

Apple has several system incompatibilities that often do not allow a smooth transition from Android to iPhone and vice versa. It is a method used to preserve its users, thus preventing its users from switching to other incompatible platforms.

However you can use apps like Go to iOS (or similar) to try to make the switch even if none of these solutions are 100% perfect. As for multimedia files, you can copy them manually, first transferring them to a computer. In any case, remember that to use Switch to iOS and other similar apps, you need to initialize your iPhone, so we suggest you be careful not to lose important data.

5 Tips for safer data transfer

Copying data and apps from one phone to another can be a security risky process, especially if done manually. For this reason, Panda Security offers 5 tips to transfer data to your phone securely:

  • Install an antivirus on the old phone and make sure there are no viruses and malware before backing up the data to be transferred.
  • Check the apps and make sure they are all safe before transferring them.
  • Synchronize while connected to your home Wi-Fi network or other secure connection, otherwise the transfer may be intercepted.
  • Use a password manager to quickly manage and migrate all login credentials from one phone to another.
  • Before resetting your old phone, make sure you have access to all apps and that all settings are correct on the new smartphone. Once reset, it is no longer possible to recover data and configurations.

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