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Nvidia GeForce NOW: Discord login and new games in the latest patch

With a press release circulated in the past few hours, Nvidia has announced all the news coming with the next update of GeForce NOW, including a new feature thanks to which it will be possible to connect directly from Discord

For those who are not aware, GeForce NOW is the cloud service of Nvidia thanks to which players with any device (be it a PC, one smartphone or one smart TV) to play an extensive catalog of video games through a monthly subscription. Well, through a recently released official press release, Nvidia has made it known about the new update coming for GeForce NOW, with a new feature to connect directly from Discord and new games coming to the catalog. Here are all the details.

Nvidia Geforce NOW update, Discord login and new games

The latest release of the Nvidia GeForce NOW app, the version 2.0.38, for now, it covers Windows PCs and Macs, and includes support for Discord logins which will allow you to log in and create a GeForce NOW account. This new version also improves support Discord Rich Presencethanks to which you will be able to view what you are playing in real time directly in the state of Discord.

Nvidia GeForce NOW: Discord login and new games in the latest patch

They will also be added shortly 8 new games to the catalog: we are talking about SpellMaster: The Saga, Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation, Citadel: Forged With Fire, Galactic Civilizations III, Haven, People Playground and Valley. Also, for GeForce NOW’s second anniversary celebrations, there will be one reward for World of Warships playersredeemable through the Epic Games Store, and expanding your fleet with two new ships, la Charleston e la Dreadnought.

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