How to save on car insurance

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One of the main operations to do once you have purchased your car is to go to a special agency to get insurance, but it often requires very high expenses, which is why we want to reveal the trick on how to save on car insurance. ‘car

Therefore, first of all, insurance is the first thing you need to do following the purchase of a car. Insurance is useful not only for other road users in the event of an accident, but also for yourself. Insurance is the key to traveling safely and being prepared for any eventuality, such as in the case of theft. The insurance covers any damage or theft to the vehicle. Now, how to save on car insurance? There are two methods:

How to save on car insurance

Check sites for online insurance | How to save on car insurance

The first advice we want to give you is to check insurance sites. We have published the guide to the best online insurance sites previously, but what we can most recommend is this one, famous for the advertisement with the dog voiced by Carlo Valli. On this site you can find the cheapest car insurance company and much more, including mortgages, loans, electricity and gas bills and telephone or internet rates.

How to save on car insurance

Inherit the merit class | How to save on car insurance

The second method, simpler and almost automatic, is to inherit the merit class accrued on a family member’s vehicle. This is possible thanks to Bersani lawIn fact, a parent can upgrade their child’s vehicle to the merit class, in order to obtain a huge saving on the buyer’s car. This, as we said, is the simplest solution, since those who have been driving for many years and have never had an accident are rewarded by moving up in class and paying less and less on insurance. The class can be inherited by the cohabiting family member.

In short, saving on car insurance is easy, especially with sites like or if you have a relative with an excellent insurance class. Continue to follow us on so you don’t miss anything else from the world of motors.