How to save on car ownership transfer

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Once you have purchased your car, you may think that it is finished there and that nothing else is needed, but there is nothing more wrong, in fact one of the most annoying operations to do is the transfer of ownership, which has expenses turn, but we are here to explain how to save on the transfer of car ownership

During the car purchase phase, the change of ownership it is mandatory when the car is purchased from a private individual, who possesses the mandatory documents for ownership of the car which must be passed on to the new buyer. This happens when there is no car dealership involved, which in these cases provides personally to give the necessary documents to the customer. Although this can be an annoying operation, it is actually very simple and there is also a way to save money. The basic rule is that of 60 days from the administration of the contract, in these 60 days the registration in the vehicle registration document with the new owner’s data.

How to save on car ownership transfer

Documents and payments to be made | How to save on the transfer of ownership

To transfer ownership from private individuals you need:

  • tax code and identity card of the buyer
  • seller’s identity document
  • vehicle registration document
  • certificate of ownership
  • revenue stamp of 16 euros

Once done, you will have to go to the PRA (Public Automotive Registry) by filling out the application form. The forms must be signed by the buyer, the transfer holder and, if the seller is not present, his authentic signature is required. The documentation must then be sent to the PRA and within a few days, sometimes even in real time, the appropriate office will give you the appropriate label to then put on the registration document.

How to save on car ownership transfer

The possibilities of saving | How to save on car ownership transfer

Between tax stamps, IPT and rights, the cost of the transfer of ownership is around 250 euros basic, without surcharges. If you turn to an automotive paperwork agency, the cost rises from 50 to 90 euros. However, as of January 1, 2022, the Legislative decree n.97/2017 slowly began to introduce the Single Vehicle Circulation and Ownership Document (DU) which replaces the registration certificate and the vehicle ownership certificate, the DU is issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility (MIMS). This is a model where the data relating to the car’s assets are also noted. For cars that still have the old registration document and registered with the PRA before 1 October 2021, the DU is issued automatically with the change of ownership without additional coststhis should give you a margin of savings and allow you to drive even new cars like those in the list of the best cars for 30,000 euros with peace of mind.

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