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How to Solve All Merlin’s Trials in Hogwarts Legacy: The Ultimate Guide

Among the many puzzles to solve in Hogwarts Legacythe new Avalanche Software video game set in the Harry Potter narrative universe, there are the Trials of Merlin. If you have gone into crisis solving them, don’t worry, we’re here for you. The Trials of Merlin itself isn’t complex, but it can be nerve-wracking if you don’t know exactly what to do (or where to look). In this new other article, part of our Hogwarts Legacy Guides, we will understand just how to simply solve all the Trials of Merlin.

Completing the Trials of Merlin will be very important to the game, as it will allow you to obtain additional slots in your inventory. It is no coincidence that the immense game map is littered with Trials of Merlin, marked with the icon of a leaf. To start one you will need to own one mallow leaf (You can grow it in the Room of Requirement).

Hogwarts Legacy: How to solve all Trials of Merlin

In essence, the Trials of Merlin are of 8 types and will consist of solving some puzzles using certain spells. Knowing which spell will serve for each type of test is the first step (let’s face it: we’ve all tried using Accio in a failed attempt to push a giant ball of stone into the pit).

Once you have used the Mallow leaf you will have activated the test, therefore the first thing to do is to look around you, to understand which of the 8 puzzles Merlin has prepared for you. The real difficulty, more often than not, will be figuring out where to look (e Revelio won’t help you that much)

The boulder in the pit

Hogwarts Legacy masso PDM 2

Hogwarts Legacy masso PDM

In this test you will have to carry a gigantic and very heavy ball of stone in the appropriate pit. Don’t make the mistake mentioned above (using Accio or Depulso). You will need it to solve this test Wingardium Leviosa (not to be confused with Levioso). So if you haven’t learned Wingardium Leviosa yet, go back to the test after unlocking the spell. The test is simple: once activated you have to identify the position of the boulder and that of the pit (this is the most “difficult” part), then use Wingardium Leviosa to carry the boulder to the pit.

Hit the pots

Hogwarts Legacy PDM vaso

In this Trial of Merlin you simply have to hit vases with the basic attack within a short space of timeotherwise the test will reset. Once hit, the pots will light up and the column will go down. Once the time has elapsed, however, they will rise again and shut down. The countdown starts from the moment you hit the first pot. Generally there are three vases to be hit, and there is a precise order, but most of the time it won’t be possible to hit them from the same position. The difficulty therefore lies in identifying the pots and understanding in which order it is best to hit them to save time on the move. Nothing complex, but even in this case it is important to look around carefully.

Breaking stones…

Hogwarts Legacy PDM pietre

Hogwarts Legacy PDM pietre 1

This is probably the easiest and fastest Trial of Merlin in Hogwarts Legacy. To complete it you will need the Confringo spell, with which you will have to hit the stones you see in the image above. In the simplest versions there are only three stones to destroy, but some tests will have many more.

…and rebuild statues of Merlin

Hogwarts Legacy statue Merlin 1

Hogwarts Legacy statue Merlin

The activation platform for this test will have statues of Merlin nearby. Once the trial is activated they will fall apart. You have to locate them and use Repair to put them back together. Simple, except that the broken statues often blend in with the boulders in the landscape, so it may be useful to identify them before activating the test.

Merlin’s fireflies

Merlin's Hogwarts Legacy Butterflies

Also in this case we are faced with a test that is very simple in theory, but made frustrating by the difficulty of identifying the elements. In this test you will have to find some bright fireflies of green color (they will also be visible during the day, but at night it is better) and carry them in the stone lanterns you see in the photo above. To do this you will have to get close to the fireflies and use Lumos, at this point the fireflies will start following you. In some cases it will be necessary to jump and you may lose the fireflies, always use Lumos to recover them. There are usually three lanterns to be lit, and for each one there is a group of fireflies.

Jumping on boulders

Hogwarts Legacy PDM 1

Trials of Merlin 2

The purpose of this test is jump on the various boulders without ever touching the ground. In theory you should therefore jump from one boulder to another without falling down, in practice you can use the broom to land on each boulder and save a lot of time. Each “activated” boulder (i.e. after each successful jump) will become covered in ivy. This will disappear (and the check will reset) if you fall to the ground.

Drilled platforms

photo1678381493 6

We don’t know if there is a bowling club in Hogsmeade, but we certainly know that this Trial of Merlin is one of the most frustrating. Not so much for the puzzle itself, which is very simple, but for the fact that you will have to hunt down different groups of bowls (usually three groups) to take them to as many perforated platforms. To move the bowls you will have to use action.

By lining up runic symbols

photo1678381494 3

photo1678381494 4

This is apparently the most complex Trial of Merlin, but don’t worry: it’s very simple. You will need to locate three pairs of boulders with runic symbols and align the symbols themselves by turning the upper boulder. To rotate the boulder use Flippinghitting him head-on. Once two identical symbols appear, you’ll also have to align their direction, so move sideways and hit Flipendo on the side of the boulder until the symbols are all aligned (you’ll understand this because the ivy will cover the pair of boulders). Repeat the operation also for the other two pairs and the game is done.

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