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Resident Evil 4 Remake: the demo could arrive today

According to some advertisements that have appeared on Twitch in the last few hours, it seems that the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo could be released today

If you are a fan of the survival horror you sure as hell can’t wait to get your hands on Resident Evil 4 Remakethe new remake of the historic title Capcom. It’s very close now to the game’s release, but maybe fans will still have the chance to try it a little early. According to some advertisements that have appeared on Twitch in the last few hours, it seems that a demo of Resident Evil 4 Remake could be released today.

Get ready to savor Resident Evil 4 Remake with the new demo

In the past it has happened several times that Twitch ads anticipated some highly anticipated announcements and this time it seems that the turn of Resident Evil 4 Remake has come. In fact, some users have come across an advertisement for the game that indicated the presence of a demo that does not seem to be available at the moment. In a few hours, however, the Capcom Spotlight, a great event dedicated to new Capcom games, e this demo will probably be officially announced during the show exclusive.

For the moment we don’t yet know what we will try within this demo, but we can still try to formulate hypotheses. For Resident Evil Village they were released two different demosa purely exploratory and one that instead allowed to tackle a large section of the full game. By now, however, the release of the Remake is very close and consequently it is difficult for Capcom to have the time to publish two test versions. In our opinion this time they will immediately aim for a demo full of gameplay and, fortunately, we will only have to wait a few hours to find out.

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