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How to unlock Avada Kedavra and the Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy

Anyone who knows the Harry Potter universe knows it well: there is no going back from the curse that kills. Also in Hogwarts Legacythe acclaimed video game from Avalanche Software set in the wizarding world created by JKRowling, you can learn and use the three Unforgivable Cursesthat means Avada Kedavra, Crucio e Empire.

The Unforgivable Curses, as the name suggests, are unforgivable curses. The use alone, in the world of Harry Potter, can cost the wizard a life sentence in Azkaban (the wizarding prison). Despite that, the game allows us to throw them without particular consequences against the enemies. But how are they used? And how to unlock them? Let’s find out together in this new guide.

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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock Avada Kedavra, Crucio and Imperio

The three Unforgivable Curses will all be taught to you by the character of Sebastian Shallow, through the missions of its storyline. Being curses belonging to the Dark magicyou will be promptly asked to choose whether to learn them or not. Nothing will change from a narrative point of view, but obviously if you choose not to learn them you will not be able to use them in gameplay. Remember that Unforgivable Curses have a longer cool down time compared to other attack spells, so once used they will need more time to recharge.

La Maledizione Cruciatus

Hogwarts Legacy Crucio

The first you will learn will be I torture, the Curse of Torture. This causes incredible pain to the victim and, if used in combat, will momentarily disable enemies, draining their life points in the process. However, it is not functional in killing them, although it will disable them quite a bit.

Sebastian will teach you about Crucio in the mission after returning from meeting his sister Anne. You will then reach level 16 and complete the mission called In the shadow of the studio. Not intending to offer you spoilers, it is enough for you to know that you will learn the mission will take you to explore Salazar Slytherin’s secret Scriptorium. Once learned, simply assign it to one of your spell sets.


In the world of Harry Potter the Curse Empire allows you to govern the minds of your enemies, making them do whatever you want. In Hogwarts Legacy Imperio can be used to turn an enemy into an ally for a short period of time. He will fight alongside us, before waking up and attacking us. The Curse does no direct damage to the affected enemy.

Sebastian will ask us to learn Imperio in one of his missions. Specifically it is about the mission called In the shadow of timefor which the Level 17. The mission involves exploring a catacomb in an attempt to recover a dark relic that could save Anne. After completing the mission by defeating the hordes of hell, Sebastian will offer to teach us the Curse. This is especially useful for managing and fighting large crowds of enemies.

Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy

Open Kedavra

Avada Kedavra is the killing curse. In the history of Harry Potter it is the same Curse that caused the scar to the protagonist. In the game it doesn’t matter if you throw it at a small spider or a huge armored troll: Avada Kedavra will cause instant death of the enemy. It is the most powerful weapon you have in game and, if upgraded through the Talent Pointscan kill all previously cursed enemies.

Precisely because of its immense power, Avada Kedavra will only be unlocked in the final stages of the main story of Hogwarts Legacy. Suffice it to say that you will learn it when you miss one, maximum two, main missions (depending on the narrative arc you have undertaken). Sebastian will teach it to you when you complete the last of his missions, the one called In the Shadow of the Relic (Level 28 required), in which you will have to reach it in the same catacomb as the relic above. At the end of the mission Sebastian will ask you whether or not you are interested in learning Dark Curse.

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