MWC 2023: the best products we saw in Barcelona

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Walking through the corridors of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona one cannot help but stop and admire devices of all kinds – even when one should rush to an appointment on the other side of the fair. Technology to enthusiasts like us has this effect. But among the many interesting news of the MWC 2023we want to tell you the best: innovative, original and in some cases completely unexpected products. Tech pearls that can only be found in Catalonia.

The best tech products of MWC 2023 – here’s what struck us

The Mobile World Congress began as a trade show for the telecommunications industry in the broadest sense. Therefore, among the halls of the Fira Barcelona we also found many stands selling services and technologies that are interesting for the network operators or for companies in generalAnd. Some truly innovative – but which can hardly excite those who are not in the sector.

At the same time, several exhibitors – such as Samsung, Oppo o Honor – they had recently launched smartphones that were really beautiful. But in this article we want to tell you about surprising news and technologies, rather than tell you about the excellent screens and cameras of these products: we leave these descriptions for the reviews.

Instead, we want to tell you about those gadgets that made us stop in front of a stand and gape at the great find – these are the best products we loved at MWC 2023.

Motorola Rizr rolls out: one of the best products of MWC 2023

The first news we want to tell you about comes from Motorola. Having relaunched the Razr as a foldable smartphone more than once, the company decided to change something. In the name, a single letter: from Razr diventa Rizr. But the big news is technical: the device no longer folds, it unrolls. Here it is in action in this reel of ours.

A truly innovative and surprising product: you can imagine how many people were around the display case in which Motorola placed it during the fair. And best of all, there was also a laptop next to it with the same unrolling technology – be it the best solution to have big screens but in small spaces?

Bioo Switch: Turn on the light by touching a plant

In pavilion 6, amid displays and cutting-edge tech products, we found a series of white vases with plants inside. And a sign that said “Touch me”. We then timidly reached out to touch the leaves and gasped when we saw him do so he turned on the light and the speakers of the vase.

We are talking about the Switches by Bioo, a company that actually also makes many other products halfway between technology and agriculture. These pots in particular use the static electricity of our body and an antenna planted in the ground to act as an electrical switch. We really enjoyed it.

The smart glasses from Oppo, TCL and Xiaomi

Smart glasses played an important role at MWC 2023, so much so that several of the best products we found in Barcelona fall into this category. The most similar to classic glasses, but with the advantage of augmented reality, are those of Oppo. In the reel below you can see Fjona reading information directly from the new ones Oppo Air Glass 2.

But also TCL brought not one but two smart glasses to Barcelona, ​​for both augmented and mixed reality. Erika explains how they work in the reel below.

And in order not to miss anything, we were also able to see the Xiaomi Wireless AR Glasses Discovery Edition. At the moment it is only a matter of concepts, therefore not of products arriving on the market. But Xiaomi’s technology allows for latencies of just 31 milliseconds with the wireless connection and “Retina Level” display, with an angular resolution very close to that of the human eye: we are at 58 out of 60.

Mixed reality is coming – we expect the number of smart glasses to continue to grow in the coming months and years.

Bullitt makes every satellite smartphone with Motorola Defy Satellite Link

At the stand of Bullitt We’ve discovered that a seemingly simple device actually does something revolutionary: it turns any smartphone into a satellite device. It’s about the Motorola Defy Satellite Link, that Bullitt’s Country Manager Italy, Maurice DiCarlohe told us in this interview.

bullitt satellite link mwc 2023

It connects to a satellite network and allows you to send messages to anyone via Bullitt Satellite Messenger, even when there is no normal network coverage – for example in the mountains or at sea. The company also brought its own rugged smartphone to MWC 2023 Cat S75, that manages to connect to the satellite without needing anything else. But this small device makes any smartphone, both Android and iOS, satellite.

Best Products at MWC 2023: Nokia G22 is meant to be fixed

Among smartphones, at MWC 2023 there was really spoiled for choice to select the best products. But what struck us the most is an entry level device – it costs only 189 euros. Ma Nokia G22 has something special that we haven’t seen for a long time: a easily removable shell.

nokia g22

This makes all the difference especially since you can repair it easily with the repair kit from 5 euro fruit of the collaboration between iFixit and the “new” Nokia parent company, HMD Global. You can change the battery, the charging port or the screen for a few tens of euros. A phone made to be repaired: so much so that we too were able to do it at the Nokia stand – and we are certainly not specialized technicians.

The robot dog of Unitree Robotics throws us parties

At technology fairs of robots you see many of them, so much so that it is now difficult to include them among the best products. But those of Unitree Robotics have impressed us – especially the smallest of the “robot dogs” of the company.

unitree robotics min

Why? Because the movements were so fluid that they looked like a real dog. That he jumped, wagged his tail (although not having a tail it seems more twerkasse), turned onto his back to have his belly scratched and he got up on two legs to make us happy.

Nubia 3D Pad, the new ZTE tablet that is in 3D – even without glasses

We close with a tablet, but not just any. The new Nubia 3D Pad on ZTE has something exceptional: a display that allows you to see three-dimensional images even without the use of glasses.

As we have explained to you in this article, takes advantage of Leia’s 3D lightfield technology and a calculation engine to detect your face and create three-dimensional images using the principle of stereoscopic perception of the human eye. From games to movies, everything takes on a new dimension with the new Nubia 3D Pad.

These are the things that struck us the most, but you can find lots of other news about MWC 2023 on our website: just click here.

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