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How to use the Instagram Notes feature

Instagram launched the new Notes functionalitywhich allows you to send short messages of 60 characters to a group of friends on the platform, which they will disappear after 24 hours. A quick way to communicate, only with letters and emojis, directly from messages on Meta’s social platform. But how do Instagram Notes work? Here’s everything you need to know.

Instagram notes: how to use the new feature

Instagram has launched several innovations in the last few hours: for example, it has started testing for Candid StoriesMeta’s answer to the fashion of BeReal. But some new features are already available to all Instagram users, such as the interesting Notes feature.

As you can see in the cover image, it is about virtual post-its that will remain at the top of your private messages on Instagram. You will only see those of some groups of friends, and they will remain in your DMs only for one day: after twenty-four hours they will disappear.

What you need to know about Instagram Notes

This new feature serves to notify a certain number of people with a short message (60 letters): as if it were a note left on a virtual bulletin board with your friends. This means that you will not be able to send individual Notes (unless you have only one person in your Close Friends): they are meant to be a note for a group of people.

Instagram Shadowban

Also, keep in mind that people won’t get a notification for your Notes, but they will only see your digital note by opening the Messages section on the app. After 24 hours they disappear and if you send a second Note, the first one will disappear.

The goal of Instagram is that you use them to ask, for example “Who wants to come to the cinema tonight?” rather than other “service” communications of this type.

How to read and respond to these digital notes

First, make sure you have Downloaded the latest Instagram app update going to the iOS App Store, Google Play Store or any other Android store. At this point:

  • Go to the Messages section (the message symbol at the top right of the homepage)
  • At the top, you will see a new icon with a “+” symbol. Next to it, you’ll see your friends’ profile pictures with a white bubble containing text of up to 60 characters. Not all of the message will be visible, to read it all just touch it
  • A pop-up window will open at the bottom of the screen with the text of the Note
  • To reply, type in the keyboard that opens by touching the Note and press enter.

Your reply to the Notes will go to the Private Messages wall of your friend on Instagram. Then he will receive a notification, as if it were a normal message (because in fact it is).

How to Send Notes in Instagram

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If, on the other hand, you want to write digital notes for your friends, just:

  • Go to your Instagram message board
  • Touch the “+” symbol at the top
  • In the screen that opens, you will have a window where “Share what’s on your mind”: by touching it, you can write a message of 60 characters (including emojis)
  • Below you will find a list of possible sharing. For the moment only two are available:
    • All the follower who reciprocate the follow
    • Yours Close friends
  • If you don’t remember who your Close Friends are, you can click the arrow next to the number of Friends to find out. If you don’t want any of them to see the Note, just deselect them by clicking on their name
  • Once you have chosen the friends to contact, click on Share

Your message will now appear at the top of the Messages section, as well as on selected friends’ walls.

How to delete it

If you want to delete a Note before 24 hours, for any reason, you can do it simply by entering the Messages section and then:

  • Click on yours Use
  • A pop-up will open, you can write a new Note or simply delete the previous one by clicking delete note.

Instagram Notes now have no more secrets for you: you could write a Note to your friends offering them the opportunity to explain all the details.

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