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How to use the iPhone with Windows 11: the new feature from Microsoft

Microsoft he announced Phone Linkwhich is the tool that allows you to connect a PC with a iOS mobile device. It is about to be launched to global audiences in 39 languages ​​and 85 markets. Let’s see what it is.

Phone Link removes the barriers between a Windows 11 PC and your iOS mobile device

Microsoft recently announced that Windows 11 was expanding the Phone Link feature to allow connection between a Windows 11 PC and an iOS mobile device with the goal of removing the barriers between the phone and the PC and making it easier for people to connect.

Phone Link is available to users Android for some time now, offering instant connection between their Windows PC and mobile device. This functionality also extends to those who own a Windows 11 PC and an Apple mobile uniform.

How does it work? Here’s an example. If you need access to iPhone photos to PCthanks to Microsoft’s iCloud integration with Photos, this process makes everything easier, therefore finding everything you need within the Photos app in Windows 11.

windows 11 update novità 22H2

How to get started with Phone Link on Windows 11 PC

Already in the coming weeks it will be possible to take advantage of this new service. To start using it or to check if it is enabled, you can search by searching on the Windows taskbar “Telephone connection”. A step-by-step setup wizard will guide you through setup.

The importance of the cloud: Microsoft and Google exceed expectations with the latest quarterly

Per Microsoftthe quarter ends with a profit net of $18.3 billion, a figure higher than the 16 billion estimated by analysts. Revenue is also higher than expected: the quarter ends with almost $53 billion in revenue against the expected $50.93 billion.

Googleinstead, it registers a turnover of more than 69 billion dollarsgrowing by +3%, and net income down $1.05 billion. Again, these are better results than analysts’ expectations.

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