Come vincere un PC Humankind con il “Map Creation Contest" thumbnail

How to win a Humankind PC with the “Map Creation Contest”

How to win a Humankind PC with the “Map Creation Contest” thumbnail

If you are a fan of Humankind, this is the perfect opportunity to win a PC inspired by the strategy title. A few weeks after the game’s launch, available on PC and Game Pass, AMPLITUDE Studios launched the “Map Creation Contest“, A competition dedicated to the most passionate gamers who want to test their cartographic skills. By making a map, in fact, it will be possible to win a PC made by Intel and totally inspired by Humankind. Let’s see how in detail.

Humankind: how to win a game-inspired PC with the “Map Creation Contest”

Are you Humankind fans too? We are confident that the AMPLITUDE Studios “Map Creation Contest” is the contest for you! Put your cartographic skills into practice and have fun creating maps to upload to the contest website by Monday 6 September 2021 at 18:00. When the time runs out, the AMPLITUDE team will select the 10 best maps, and will then reveal the names of the lucky winners during a live broadcast on the development company’s Twitch channel on September 16th. And that’s not all. The map with the most community memberships will be rewarded with an additional prize.

As anticipated, the lucky winner will have the chance to win an Intel PC inspired by the historical-themed strategy title. But the prizes up for grabs are many, and different from each other. And, if you are really curious to know what awaits you, you can read the list directly on the page dedicated to the “Map Creation Contest”. Indeed, if you have any doubts in creating maps, you can take a look at the manual – Map Editor’s Manual – and connect with the community on Games2Gether. In short, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. But what matters, as you surely already know, is that you can have a Humankind PC all to yourself. It’s worth a try, don’t you think?

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