How to win over and retain nerdy customers with technological promotional gadgets

How to win over and retain nerdy customers with technological promotional gadgets

The advice is to favor gadgets that are not an end in themselves but with a specific utility and a very precise practical function

If the goal of a company is to get the attention of a nerdy audience, ie technology enthusiast or even computer expert, there are numerous promotional gadgets that can be taken into consideration. This is the case, for example, of USB sticks, which can be customized with the help of a particular technique, which is called Pad: thus, various types of logos can be reported, but also slogans and writings. You can choose various memory cuts, which helps to increase interest in such accessories.

Good reasons to distribute free USB sticks

But what are the advantages that derive from the decision to choose USB sticks as promotional gadgets? As is known, we are talking about devices that are intended for storing any type of file: you can use them, for example, when you need to keep videos, or if you need to transfer documents between one PC and another.

The other gadgets for nerds

The list of ideal gadgets to arouse the interest of a nerdy public, in any case, it is really long: it is worth mentioning among other things the personalized laser pointers, destined to be appreciated by all those who often make presentations for work. Also in this case it is sufficient to report on the surface of the pointer, or perhaps on its case, the company logo to ensure that its name spreads and its visibility increases. Here, like this, we get another communication tool which can be given free not only to its customers, but also to employees and suppliers. The anti-stress balls, again, are very traditional gadgets but not of little use for this; and still speaking of anti-stress, there are also accessories of other shapes, for example heart, cube, drop or star.

The advantages offered by anti-stress

All of these anti-stress accessories they have as their common denominator the high technological level that distinguishes them: they possess really important potentials from the point of view of promotional effectiveness, and are able to guarantee optimal performance by means of visual communication techniques. As always, to personalize stress relievers, it is enough to rely on pad printing techniques very advanced.

Where to find quality promotional accessories

Companies wishing to discover the full potential of promotional gadgets can safely rely on Gadget365, a company specialized in this sector thanks to a rich catalog of solutions, always updated and constantly expanding. The gadgets that can be chosen for communication campaigns through the object, in fact, are so many: t-shirts, mugs, key rings, lanyards and, returning to the solutions preferred by nerds, personalized earphones. Gadget365 is aimed not only at companies, but also at associations and individuals who are looking for quality gadgets at affordable prices, to be used in the context of strategie in marketing or for any other type of need.

The laptop bags

They cannot be forgotten, in the review of products related to technology that a company may decide to distribute for free, laptop bags: there are a lot of variations to choose from, and each one has unique characteristics. From the metal handles to the microfiber composition, passing through the pockets dedicated to carrying tablets, these bags can take on different shapes and appear from time to time as a backpack, a shoulder strap or a classic case. The brands are clearly shown, also because the available surface is decidedly large, and the presence of several compartments is synonymous with practicality and comfort.

And the earphones?

Earlier mention was made of custom earphones, and then it is worthwhile to deepen the subject. A company that decides to focus on a gift of this type can be sure to hit the mark, also because we are talking about accessories that have now become part of the daily life of many of us. Used both at work and in your free time, the earphones – wired or wireless, bluetooth or wireless – they are indispensable when it comes to talking on the phone in the car or watching a movie, listening to music or interacting on Skype with a customer.

Tips for a winning approach

Whatever the product you are inclined towards, however, what matters is to study and define with the utmost attention the strategy to be put into practice: in short, there is a need for a marketing plan well planned, but also to choose quality solutions from the point of view of graphics. The last piece of advice is to give preference to gadgets that are not an end in themselves but with a specific utility and one practical function very precise, destined to be used in everyday life with satisfaction.