How to work better from home

How to work better from home

A few small tips that will make working from home less irritable, more productive and able to remove distractions

Who would have thought that within a year there parola smart working would have forcefully entered the lives of many Italians. An absurd situation that has led many employees to work from home and therefore to adapt to create a comfortable, cheap and above all ergonomic. No fear or problem, if you follow the right advice you can get a comfortable, comforting and above all workstation that will not make you regret the old office.

Ergonomic chair and desk of the right height

To work better from home, the first essential thing is to get a chair that must be comfortable, height adjustable and above all ergonomic, essential for not feeling at the end of the day with a broken back and bones. The same comfort must be guaranteed by the desk, whether it is large or small, it is not important, but it is important that it is able to contain all the material needed to work without distractions. And finally the light, if you choose the natural one your eyes will benefit from it, but if the days are gloomy you can get a soft LED light that is excellent for not tiring the eyes, better if adjustable to obtain greater savings in electricity and with extension arm to place it at the right height. Place the desk near a window but let it be facing east because, if this were not the case, there will be problems with reflections due to sunlight.

The right position for each part of the body

The desk and chair are not the basis for working better from home because the first thing to consider is the length of time that you have to spend sitting in that chair. The posture to be assumed is fundamental on a physical and also mental level. There is nothing better than quitting work after several hours and feeling free of pain or discomfort. The head, neck, hands, back and even feet need to assume correct poses and gods indispensable supports not to end up with unexpected consequences. Each part of the body must be given the right position and also some help support.

The importance of disconnecting a little

Working from home can be satisfying but also deleterious because you don’t have any physical contact, you don’t socialize with anyone and you lose the habits that almost all of us hate, but when they fail you throw yourself down a bit. Why this does not happen is important take breaks, walk a little, even short journeys from room to room, prepare a snack or a coffee and, why not, call someone. They are all small gestures that allow the brain not to become fossilized only on work stress.

In search of the strategic point of home

Creating a home office could be an interesting and, why not, fun operation. A sort of novelty for those who are used to the usual office life and do not even know where to start to set up a workstation that does not know how long it will take. Place the chair and desk in a strategic point of the chosen room is essential in order not to lose concentration and always remain connected. In this case, sensations come into play, that is, taking into consideration that space of the house where one feels at ease. This little tip will make work less irritable, more productive, and able to ward off distractions. Furthermore, to make the space even more welcoming, it is good to furnish it with some object that conveys serenity like a photo frame, a plant, a candle and much more.