HP announces HP Z6 G5 A: one of the most advanced workstations in the world

HP annuncia HP Z6 G5 A: la workstation tra le più avanzate al mondo thumbnail

Today, HP unveiled the latest addition to the Z by HP workstation line: HP Z6 G5 Aa cutting-edge desktop workstation designed to meet the demanding needs of virtual production, 3D rendering, artificial intelligence and machine learning professionals.

HP Z6 G5 A: HP’s new ultra-modern workstation

With the largest number of cores ever seen in one workstation Z by HP and the ability to configure up to 3 high-performance graphics cards, the Z6 G5 A is destined to revolutionize productivity and performance.
Powered by CPU AMD Ryzen Threadripper PROZ6 G5 A offers up to 96 cores in a single workstation CPU, allowing users to simultaneously create and render on intensive projects.

With space for up to 3 GPU NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation o GPU AMD high-end and eight memory channels, Z6 G5 A is perfect to deal with virtual manufacturing, 3D modeling tasks or complex and advanced datasets.

HP Z6 G5 A: Jim Nottingham, senior vice president and president of Advanced Compute and Solutions, speaks

“The HP Z6 G5 A is an innovative workstation that embodies the perfect fusion of maximized cores and powerful graphics,” he said Jim Nottingham, senior vice president and president of Advanced Compute and Solutions, HP Inc.

“Our team at HP is dedicated to offering professionals in the fields of virtual manufacturing, 3D rendering and data science a robust, reliable solution that not only meets, but exceeds, performance expectations. The Z6 G5 A is a testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in workstation technology.”

Maximized cores, amazing graphics, unlimited potential

Lo Z6 G5 A it is capable of virtual manufacturing or 3D modeling tasks, as well as data science workflows such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. With an innovative and new system design CPU AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7000 WX-SeriesZ6 G5 A packs an impressive number of cores into a single workstation for greater productivity.

The HP Z6 G5 A also offers plenty of room to expand as your needs change, with room for up to three high-end GPUs and flexible storage options with front-accessible, hot-swappable NVMe drives for quick and easy access to files large.

The redesigned layout of this desktop workstation Generation Z by HP increases airflow, ensuring your system stays cool even at peak performance, while Intelligent Fan Control adjusts fan speed in real time using over 20 temperature sensors to maintain ultra-quiet operation.

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