HP announces new products focused on Chrome OS

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HP announced two new products focused on Chrome OS: a tablet it’s a new all-in-one monitor Works With Chromebook certified. These devices are designed to capitalize on the explosive growth that Chrome OS devices have seen over the past year and a half, as many students and families have had to to study e work remotely.

HP’s new Chrome OS products

The Chromebase AiO and the primo desktop all-in-one Chrome OS. Thanks to it users have the opportunity to rotate its screen from horizontal to vertical. You can switch modes with one slight pressure on the corner – the content on the screen will automatically rotate to fit the new orientation.

HP claims that this makes the Chromebase more versatile it’s more easy to use for scrolling through long web pages or working with long documents. The screen from 21.5 inches is big enough to allow users to open multiple windows at the same time: it is particularly suitable for those who often work in multitasking.

However, the integrated webcam is located on the long edge of the screen: this means it will be impossible to use when you rotate the screen. From a design standpoint, the Chromebase is fascinating. The base is wrapped in a attractive fabric, i dual speakers they make a surprising amount of clear sounds, especially video calls are made. The overall design is modern but enough sober to adapt to most home decorations.

The screen itself is bright enough for indoor use and it’s fine for typical productivity or school work.

The tablet convertibile HP Chromebook x2 11 instead it is characterized by one 11 inch 2K screen with proportions 3:2 and comes with support for Android apps. It is also equipped with wireless rechargeable stylus and one keyboard connectable.

The device is also characterized by the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c and is the first ever Chrome OS tablet to be offered with 4G LTE connectivity.

As announced by HP, the tablet will be available on Best Buy starting from $ 599.99 (stylus included) and from October will be available on the official website. As for the Chromebase AiO, however, the company has revealed that it will be available in October on HP’s official website starting from $ 249.99.

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