FIFA 22: revealed the news related to FUT Champions

With the release of a long trailer, FIFA 22 has revealed what will be the main changes the title will bring to FUT and Division Rivals

After having revealed those related to the career mode, with the publication of a new trailer the development team of FIFA 22 showed the public what will be the news that the title will bring to the Ultimate Team mode, which includes both FUT Champions that the Division Rivals. These changes have been made to ensure a gaming experience capable of satisfying both the most passionate players and those who prefer a more casual approach.

FIFA 22: here are the news of FUT

The first change brought by FIFA 22 to the FUT Champions concerns the way to access it and, consequently, the Division Rivals. The competitions linked to these become in fact seasonal, while maintaining the ability to access new prizes every week. The progress obtained will then be under the control of the player thanks to a new screen that indicates the point of the climb in which they are positioned, the next obtainable prize and the conditions for obtaining it. Finally, after each game, the progress or relegation in the ranking will be immediately visible. The most gifted players, thanks to this system, will be able to access the Elite division, designed to make the best players in the world collide with each other.

Once you’ve earned your FUT Champions rankings, you’ll no longer have to wait until the weekend to enter the playoffs. It will in fact be possible to access the competition during any day of the week, as it will be possible to postpone access over time. The system will then be based on points and not on victories, making it possible to progress in the tournament even after a defeat. The accumulation of playoff points will grant access, at the end of the season, to the Champions Playoff , where they will compete for a place in the Finals.

Another novelty concerns the possibility of customize the stadium of your club, to show the personality of your team during Division Rivals and FUT matches. Keep following us on to stay updated on the main upcoming video games. If you are interested in buying a title, we suggest you take a look at the vast Instant Gaming catalog.

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