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HP COMFORT Meliconi TV headphones, to enjoy your TV series in total relaxation

If you want to watch a movie from your home while imagining you’re at the cinema, headphones HP Comfort at Meliconi I am the product for you.

HP Comfort at Meliconi

Say enough to the old bulky headphones, with wires that are too short or too long and capable of getting stuck and tangled with each other! The Meliconi HP Comforts have finally arrived, cuffie wireless which allow you to listen to movies, TV series and favorite programs isolating users from the noise of the outside world and without any cable clutter.

In addition the Connecting to TV is quick and the signal manages to go through walls and have a maximum range of up to 100 meterswhile the design is robust, elegant and with fine finishes

The headphones are equipped with a charging base and mount a battery that allows prolonged use of up to 8 hours. Another gem, the Meliconi HP Comforts are also compatible with televisions that are not exactly of recent production.

headphone HP

Technical specifications

Let’s see the technical specifications of these incredible headphones:

  • charging base;
  • analog audio input (JACK 3.5MM);
  • max range up to 100 meters in open field;
  • trasmissione wireless UHF 863-865 MHz;
  • 3 channels available to avoid annoying interference.

Furthermore, Meliconi’s HP Comforts have a function of volume control directly on the headphones, large and covering pavilions which allow excellent sound insulation and a adjustable headband for comfortable and prolonged use.

Last but not least, leaving the headphones charged on the base even for a couple of days longer does not cause any inconvenience for the battery or for the device itself, demonstrating the excellent quality of these headphones.

Where you can buy them

The headphones are available on Meliconi’s official website, at large-scale distribution (GDO), shops specializing in electronics, spare parts and electronic component shops and also on the best e-commerce sites.

The recommended retail price is approx 84,00€.

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