WhatsApp: sarà possibile inviare foto nella loro qualità originale thumbnail

WhatsApp: it will be possible to send photos in their original quality

One of the limitations of Whatsapp it has always been there photo resolutionbut now it seems that this issue has been resolved, allowing users to send photos in original resolution.

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WhatsApp: sharing photos in original quality soon

This new option had already been partially introduced in 2021, allowing users to choose the quality in which they would like to send the photo: “auto”, “best quality” and “data saver”. However, “better quality” has never allowed sending the photo in its original format, limiting itself to slightly compressing the image.

After two years, the developers are apparently working on a release beta per Androidthe also implement a new option: “photo HD“.

In this way, users will not only be able to choose the upload quality, but also allow the photo to be sent in original quality. Obviously we are talking about a beta, which means that the feature is still in testing phase and it is not yet known when the developers will release it on Android, just as it is not yet certain to know the expansion date for using iOS.

What is certain, however, is that Whatsapp users have been waiting for this possibility for years, forced to use other apps to send photos while maintaining the quality unchanged.

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Last but not least, the team is working on simplifying chat history without necessarily having to resort to Google Driveas well as on the possibility of updating Whatsapp statuses with the vocal notes.

These new features are also in beta and it is not yet known when they will become 100% operational within the most used messaging app in the world. What is certain is that Whatsapp is now undergoing a significant renewal, with new options available to users and who knows what other marvels developers have in store for the future.

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