HP Wolf Security pubblica il report The Evolution of Cybercrime thumbnail

HP Wolf Security rilascia il report The Evolution of Cybercrime

HP Wolf Security pubblica il report The Evolution of Cybercrime thumbnail

The new investigation by HP Wolf Security highlights like the cybercrime is enhanced by the use of plug and play malware kits that make it much easier to carry out malicious attacks. To date, in fact, only a fraction of cybercriminals (around 2-3%) are really experts in coding. Even novice hackers, as the HP Wolf Security report points out, pose a threat.

An HP Wolf Security report confirms the dangers of amateur hackers

HP Wolf Security has published the new report The Evolution of Cybercrime: Why the Dark Web is Supercharging the Threat Landscape and How to Fight Back which analyzes the world of cybercriminals and the dark web.

According to the data that emerged, 77% of cybercriminal marketplaces require a sales license that can cost up to $ 3,000 and 85% use guarantee payment systems. The survey confirms that more than three quarters (76%) of the malware and 91% of the exploits are sold for less than $ 10.

They are available often bundled products and even plug and play malware kits. There is no shortage of tutorials and mentoring services to help first-time cybercriminals get off the ground. The Wolf Security investigation, therefore, confirms that even those who are not experts in coding can access dangerous IT tools.

For all the details on the report you can take a look at the full version available online.

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