Huawei: announced the arrival in Italy of the Watch D

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The brand new Huawei Watch D arrives in Italy. The innovative smartwatch for precise measurement of blood pressure in real time

Huawei Consumer Business Group (here for more info on the company) announces the arrival in Italy of HUAWEI WATCH D with medical certification. The first Huawei wrist device dedicated to complete parameter management and analysis, made possible by an important implementation at the hardware level.

Details on the new Huawei Watch D arriving in Italy

HUAWEI WATCH D makes monitoring health parameters convenient for its users. Allows measurement of ECG2 and blood pressure anywhere and in real time directly from the wrist. HUAWEI WATCH D is lightweight, weighing only 40.9g. In addition to the health monitoring functions, the new smartwatch also offers various training modes for those who do not want to leave the sport. The innovative technology means that HUAWEI WATCH D uses a mini-pump that electrically inflates an air chamber to put pressure on the arteries in the wrist and accurately measures blood pressure. A choice for those consumers who need a daily ally in health care. HUAWEI WATCH D is equipped with an ECG function2.

Huawei: announced the arrival in Italy of the Watch D

An innovative hardware to accurately measure blood pressure

Hypertension is the world’s most common chronic disease, with billions of people requiring close blood pressure monitoring1 and long-term medication to keep the body in check. HUAWEI WATCH D has made the measurement of the main parameters of blood pressure and heart activity fast and accurate.

Correct adjustment of the strap and correct wrist position are essential for accurate blood pressure measurement1 using a smartwatch. The accurate pressure measurement system is able to maintain an error margin within ±3 mmHg, thus able to provide users with clear and reliable data. This is due to the high resolution pressure sensor, pressure feedback regulation loop and low intensity airflow input.

Professional ECG2 function supporting your heart

HUAWEI WATCH D was not only designed for measuring blood pressure, but it is also a smartwatch for measuring heart rate. The device is in fact equipped with a high-performance ECG2 sensor module that supports the recording of related data with consequent generation of graphs and reports capable of detecting atrial fibrillation and sinus rhythm.

To recap, HUAWEI WATCH D supports:

  • heart rate monitoring (ECG)
  • scientific sleep tracking
  • SpO2 monitoring of blood oxygenation constantly throughout the day
  • skin temperature detection
  • stress tracking and more

In the end, it features over 70 workout modes. In combination with the smart mode, it guarantees a long battery life of up to 7 days, allowing users to wear it and enjoy all its features without having to recharge it frequently. Over the past two decades, smartwatch technology has evolved. Today, with the launch of HUAWEI WATCH D, we see a breakthrough in the key functions of smartwatches, which have gone further in terms of parameter management.

Huawei: announced the arrival in Italy of the Watch D

Price and availability

HUAWEI WATCH D is available in Italy at a price of 399.90 euros with the free HUAWEI Scale 3 scale.

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