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Huawei announces new features for Petal Maps and Petal Search

I Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) are renewed with new functions that improve two of the main apps in the Huawei App Gallery: Petal Maps to find directions, itineraries and points of interest with updated maps and real-time data, e Petal Searchthe AI-powered mobile search engine.

Huawei announces news for Petal Maps and Petal Search

Petal Maps offers reliable navigation services worldwide thanks to an ecosystem of features. Including the real-time traffic monitoring, maps, navigation services connected to the smartwatch. He is an always ready co-pilot who, at the moment, covers more than 160 countries, has more than 40 million global users and includes maps in over 70 languages.

With the new function that allows you to enlarge the view of the driving lane full screen, available not only in Europe but also in countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Mexico, users can figure out where your car isthus ensuring your safety and that of other drivers.

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This feature uses several technologies, including algorithms three-dimensional modeling of the roads that reproduce the details of the roads in 3D. And a lane display system based on satellite images, much clearer than those provided by digital maps. Who loves the cycling or walking can choose the best routes based on traffic and tourist attractions. Petal Maps also displays maps in realistic color and detail. Including landmark buildings, weather and night.

Petal Search news

AR is becoming increasingly popular around the world, with a 64% increase in users paying for related services between 2020 and 2022, according to Statista. So Huawei has improved in Petal Search is its AR search feature, which is based on advanced deep and machine learning technologies. Now he can recognize hundreds of thousands of objects in different categories and languages ​​in seconds, simply by pointing the smartphone camera. You no longer need to take photos to identify an object.

You can also take advantage of Huawei’s OCR and machine translation technologies, with Petal Search which can translate more than 70 languages. And with the mode On-Screen Lens you can analyze the contents on the screen and show related search results.

You can find more information on the Huawei website.

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