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OpenAI reassures the Privacy Guarantor on ChatGPT

Il Privacy Guarantor Italian and OpenAIthe company he created ChatGPTthey held a encounter in videoconferencing to iron out the differences that led to the ban of AI software in Italy. The company says it is willing to work together to solve problems, but distances remain.

Ban of ChatGPT, meeting between the Privacy Guarantor and OpenAI

A video conference to clarify, which was attended by the CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman, Che ChangDeputy General Counsel of the US company, Anna MakanjuHead of Public Policy e Ashley PantulianoAssociate General Counsel, confronting the Board of the Guarantor (Pasquale Stanzione, Ginevra Cerrina Feroni, Agostino Ghiglia, Guido Scorza).

The American company reiterated that it intends to comply with the GPDR, but has opened up to the resolution of the critical issues identified by the Guarantor. For its part, the Privacy Authority he stressed that he did not want to put a brake on the development of AI itself. Rather, he reiterated the importance of complying with the regulations in force in Italy and Europe.

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During the meeting, OpenAI promised to strengthen the transparency in the use of personal data. It will also reinvigorate controls and safeguards for minors. The Guarantor will evaluate the measures taken and decide if they pass the scrutiny of the laws.

OpenAI, on its blog, also explained that: “We do not use the data to sell our services, advertising or profile people. Instead, we use them to make our templates more useful. ChatGpt, for example, improves with the conversations it has from time to time with users”. In addition, the company explained that it wanted to ensure the broadest safety and to do everything possible not to subject above all i minors to “AI hallucinations”, which can lead to the spread of fake news.

The company confirms to work for six months before a release like GPT-4, carefully evaluating the security and protection of privacy. We’ll see if this approach will reassure the Italian privacy guarantor.

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