Huawei at work on folding smartphones

Huawei a lavoro sugli smartphone pieghevoli thumbnail

Good news for Huawei fans. Apparently, the company is starting the production of its foldable smartphones next generation, with the intent to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3. An Economic Times report, in fact, revealed that Zhaoli Technology is working on the mass production of a new folding smartphone hinge for one of its customers. A cheaper hinge to make, and therefore able to ensure a higher rate of return. And although the name of the recipient of the product has not been mentioned, it is likely that this is for Huawei’s new foldable smartphone.

Foldable smartphone: Huawei starts production

Foldable smartphones are undoubtedly the future of the phone industry. Sure, Samsung’s original intuition was, but now most of the tech giants are moving to start producing similar devices. After all, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 it was only the forerunner for a market that has been enjoying considerable success in recent months. A sort of test that convinced Apple, Huawei and other companies to launch into the production of leaflets. On the other hand, until recently these phones had really prohibitively expensive, but the launch of the Z Flip 3 at affordable prices has really opened up new opportunities for users and companies.

Not surprisingly, Samsung’s smartphone managed to sell over one million units in just 40 days. Indeed, aware of its success, the company plans to increase foldable phone shipments from 7 million to 13 million by 2022. A figure that includes 4 million Galaxy Z Folds and 9 million Galaxy Z Flip. No wonder, therefore, that Huawei has decided to venture into conquering the market. Indeed, it is clear that the company arrives late due to the restrictions that have been imposed on it in the United States.