Huawei: autonomous driving and intelligent car at the IAA Mobility 2021

Huawei: guida autonoma e auto intelligente all'IAA Mobility 2021 thumbnail

Huawei presented his solution forintelligent car and the autonomous driving on the occasion ofIAA Mobility 2021 thus capturing the attention of OEMs and European consumers. Huawei’s “full-stack” autonomous driving solution adds autonomous driving functionality to private cars. In this way, motorists can easily enable navigation in the city, in any weather or traffic conditions.

Here is Huawei’s solution for smart cars and autonomous driving

The new solution HUAWEI ADS for autonomous driving is based on full-stack algorithms, high-quality data lakes, state-of-the-art sensors and a powerful computing center. The system aims to ensure that fully autonomous driving is achieved through long-term investments.

L’Huawei’s intelligent cockpit connects people, vehicles and homes allowing you to use your devices even more completely thanks to the apps integrated in your car. Transforming the cockpit into a mobile office, a private cinema or a KTV box with a simple app will be very simple.

Thanks to’Augmented Reality Head-Up-Display (AR-HUD) it is also possible to transform a normal windshield into a 70-inch HD screen. In this way, you will be able to view all the necessary driving information. The system is designed to improve the attention and safety of drivers.

The company comment

Tang Ming, Vice President Huawei Intelligent Automotive Solutions Business Unit (IAS BU) for Europe, underlines: “Relying on our proven experience and skills developed in over 30 years in the ICT field, Huawei has launched intelligent solutions and components for automobiles, with the ‘goal to support European OEMs in building future-proof smart vehicles. The result is an intelligent, enjoyable and reliable travel experience for all consumers ”.