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Huawei focuses on eco-sustainable networks at MWC 2023

During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) of Barcelona of 2023, Huawei announced various innovations for the ICT world, to support the development of sustainable networks. A series of technologies that want to reduce carbon emissions and look to a greener future.

Huawei presents innovations for sustainable networks at MWC 2023

Bob He, President of Huawei’s Data Center Facility and Critical Power Product Line, presented a wide range of innovative energy solutions for the ICT sector. Technologies aimed at supporting global operators in the creation of rsimple, sustainable, interconnected and low carbon emitters.

Huawei introduced the concept of “Site Power Low-Carbon Target Network“, which integrates power electronics and digital technologies to create sites that are based on three pillars: “Intelligent Simplicity”, “Intelligent Green” e “Intelligent Saving”.

“Intelligent Simplicity” refers to the simplification of the site structure. Using cabinets or poles, improve site energy efficiency by 60 to 97%. “Intelligent Green” focuses on using green energy and reducing Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), increasing clean energy by up to 20%. “Intelligent Saving” relies on the use of lithium batteries to take advantage of new applications such as peak staggering and virtual power plants (VPPs). In particular, the solution Cyclic Cloud Li di Huaweialso known as 200Ah@5U, provides 50% improvement

Data center smart

Huawei also developed end-to-end green data center solutions for large, small and medium-sized structures. In particular, the solution PowerPOD 3.0 di Huawei ensures energy efficiency, speed of management and a small footprint in large data centers. In addition, the S-ECO mode improves efficiency to 98.4% compared to 95.4% of the previous generation.

Even for evaporative cooling, Huawei has effective technologies. Like the solution EHU di Huawei achieves an Energy Use Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15 and a Water Use Effectiveness (WUE) of 0.37. Which in Ireland has resulted in a 60% reduction in the number of maintenances.

You can get more information on the news announced at MWC 2023 by Huawei, you can consult this page of the site.

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