Huawei: presenta il suo nuovo monitor MateView SE

Huawei: introduces its new MateView SE monitor

Available from today exclusively on the Huawei Store, the new screen with a wide range of colors p3 and eye protection for a super comfortable experience enriches the Huawei MateView monitor family

Huawei, today announces MateView SE, the new monitor which supports a very wide color gamut while offering vision protection at the highest levels. With MateView SE the company expands the monitor sector, with an offer of products able to best meet the different needs of consumers.

MateView SE is a monitor from 23.8 in which has obtained the certification TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light and Flicker Free and certification SGS Low Visual Fatigue. These certifications, along with the color gamut screen P3, offer a comfortable user experience both in the office and for the study. The minimalist design and convenient control panel elevate the user experience even further.

The monitor inherits the lines, aesthetics and intelligence MateView, offering consumers a better product experience, more professional and more efficient.

Huawei: introduces its new MateView SE monitor

The words of Pier Giorgio Furcas

Pier Giorgio ForcasDeputy General Manager Huawei Consumer Business Group Italia, afferma:

With the announcement of HUAWEI MateView SE, which enriches the MateView monitor family, we want to give further confirmation of our commitment to becoming more and more an ecosystem company close to the needs of consumers with the creation of increasingly useful products in everyday life. The success of the other MateView monitors confirms how much the company has been able to raise the industry standards and we are confident that consumers will welcome the MateView SE with the same enthusiasm that has been directed to all of our new displays so far.

A large screen with 90% of the P3 color gamut for stunning images

I consumers have needs very high in terms of display size and quality when it comes to devices for the work, study or for the home. MateView SE offers exceptional performance and screen quality. Not only does it support one resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080but it also supports color gamut P3 with a cover of the 90% and covers the range of colors sRGB al 100%.

The P3 color gamut is the standard recognized by the film industry and one of the current color standards for devices used for digital film playback. Compared to sRGB, the P3 color gamut covers a wider range of colors. Since the monitors supported by the P3 reproduce better and sharper greens and reds, the MateView SE offers more realistic and vivid colors than humans can see.

Huawei: introduces its new MateView SE monitor

Clear, stable and vivid display

Also, before leaving the manufacturing plant, every MateView SE is calibrated to ensure color accuracy of ∆ E < 23 which offers more authentic colors on a professional level.

Designed for digital workers and students, the screen is from 23.8 inch, to comfortably meet a scenario of everyday use. The screen has a ultra-thin bezel design on three sides to offer a high screen-to-body ratio of the 92%for an immersive visual experience.

Thanks to the 23.8-inch IPS display paired with the wide P3 color gamut, viewing is clear, stable and vivid. Not only is it a great screen for office workers, spending many hours reading from video, but it also offers professional color performance for creative workers such as graphic designers and video editors.

Huawei: introduces its new MateView SE monitor

The exclusive eBook mode: even more comfort for the eyes

Explore new possibilities to secure a comfort for the eye even greater. It is in fact the first Huawei monitor to introduce the mode eBook: Moderately reducing the color temperature, makes the screen more readable for a reading effect similar to the reading experience on printed paper.

All this can significantly reduce the negative effects of colors on the eyes while reading and foster a more immersive reading experience, helping the user to focus better on what they are reading and alleviating many of the inconveniences usually caused by very prolonged screen reading. The eBook mode is designed specifically for those who work long hours on editing texts or who read for a long time on the screen.

Certificazioni TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light e Flicker Free

The screen has been certified TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light e Flicker Free to effectively reduce emissions of blue light harmful and visual discomfort caused by flicker.

Thanks to the exceptional performance of the wide color gamut P3 and the eBook modeit is also the first monitor in the world to be successfully certified SGS Low Visual Fatigue, issued by China National Institute of Standardization and the organization SGS.

It supports a refresh rate of 75Hz. Compared to monitors a 60 Hz, offers a smoother display effect. At the same time, the monitor is also equipped with AMD FreeSyncwhich takes advantage of adaptive sync technology to prevent the screen from going in freeze when used for highly dynamic content such as gaming, for a smoother gaming experience.

Huawei: introduces its new MateView SE monitor

A minimalist design with ingenious craftsmanship

Il minimalist design of the series MateView from Huawei, inaugurates a new era in terms of aesthetics in the monitor sector. With sides that seem more thin and light, the surface curve of the back which gives a full and solid appearance. Also, the design of the display FullView offers a high ratio screen-body for a view more engaging and broader.

The bracket di HUAWEI MateView SE supports multiple adjustments. The version with adjustable bracket supports a vertical rotation ranging from 0 to 90 degrees, allows you to adjust the height from 0 a 110 mmto manage an angle of inclination from -5 to 18 degrees, and wall mounting VESA. Vertical rotation allows users to freely adjust the screen orientation, especially when performing office tasks such as the reading and codingthe vertical orientation of the screen allows you to view multiple lines of content and greatly improve work efficiency.

All height and tilt angle adjustment options allow you to adjust the monitor to the most suitable viewing angle to minimize eye strain and pressure on the cervical for an experience of comfort at the highest levels. In addition, it also has holes for VESA wall mounting with bracket or to manage the connection to multiple monitors to further enhance the user experience.

Huawei: introduces its new MateView SE monitor

Five-way joystick and rich compartment of connection ports

Traditionally monitor buttons are located below the screen or in the rear, making it difficult to control the commands or act on the wrong one by mistake. To improve the user experience even in setting. There is a five-way joystick button with a OSP menu very carefully designed to easily adjust all parameters and simplify controls.

Compared to the bindings, mount one direct plug-in portwhich supports the most common DisplayPort e l’HDMI, which improves transmission capacity by providing superior image quality. Thanks to the direct plug-in design, users can connect or disconnect very easily, switching to other devices and greatly optimizing the user experience.

Huawei has always followed rigorous standards quality of its products. From materials to production processes, from stability of functions, to safety and al service customers. Each display that leaves the manufacturing plant will be calibrated and polishedso that it is easy to use and reliable for the consumers who choose it.

Huawei: introduces its new MateView SE monitor

Price and availability

HUAWEI MateView SE, is available at the price of € 199,90, and all those who purchase it by September 5th will be able to take advantage of an exclusive coupon with the 10% discount on the product.

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