Huawei MWC 2023: presented new energy solutions

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Huawei Unveiled Broad Range of Next-Gen Energy Solutions for ICT Industry at Mobile World Congress 2023

During the 2023 edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Bob He, Presidente della Data Center Facility and Critical Power Product Line di Huawei, announced a wide range of next generation energy solutions for the ICT sector. These new solutions are designed to support global operators in implementing simple, sustainable, interconnected and low-carbon networks.

Huawei MWC 2023: Intelligent Site Power

Traditional energy solutions for telecom sites typically have a high total cost of ownership (TCO) and a significant impact on network CO2 emissions. To support operators in implementing greener sites and achieving carbon neutrality goals, Huawei has introduced the concept of ‘Site Power Low-Carbon Target Network‘, which integrates power electronics and digital technologies to create sites focused on three different pillars: ‘Intelligent Simplicity’, ‘Intelligent Green’, and ‘Intelligent’ Saving’. In detail:

Intelligent Simplicity

By scaling the site structure from rooms to closets or closets to poles, Huawei solutions simplify 4G/5G deployment and improve site energy efficiency (EEA) ranging from 60% to 97% . For example, the solution Blade Power System da 12kW di Huawei it can be pole mounted, thus reducing the system footprint from 1 m2 to 0 and requiring only a couple of hours to complete the installation. The system also uses natural heat dissipation to achieve 97% energy efficiency.

Intelligent Green

Leveraging intelligent, multi-energy planning can reduce levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and increase the percentage of green energy used by sites. For example, the solution iSolar 2.0 from Huawei adopts high-voltage serial connection architecture and solar energy 4-in-1 products to facilitate the acquisition of green energy sources and reduce design costs by 15%. Furthermore, the photovoltaic optimizers allow to reduce the energy losses caused by shaded areas thus increasing the production of clean energy by 20%. The intelligent synergy that combines solar energy and storage can thus enable a sustainable energy utilization rate of 100%.

Intelligent Saving

Lithium batteries, which serve as both backup power sources and energy storage systems (ESS), will be increasingly used in telecommunications sites. They promise to increase profits and reduce costs by leveraging new applications such as peak staggering and virtual power plants (VPPs). The solution Cyclic Cloud Li di Huaweialso known as 200Ah@5U, provides 50% capacity improvement over the old generation version, thus maximizing the energy storage value.

Huawei MWC 2023: presented new energy solutions

Huawei MWC 2023: Data center smart

Data centers are the foundation of the digital world, but they consume significant amounts of energy. Therefore, Huawei has developed new end-to-end green data center solutions for large, small and medium-sized data centers, with the aim of supporting operators in achieving their carbon neutrality goals. In particular:

Power System

As an ideal solution for power systems in large data centers, Huawei PowerPOD 3.0 ensures energy efficiency, ease and speed of management, as well as a small footprint. Thus it reduces the number of wardrobes from 21 to 10, thus halving the space required. In addition, the S-ECO mode improves efficiency to 98.4% compared to 95.4% of the previous generation. Thanks to the use of prefabricated bars instead of cables, delivery times are reduced from 2 months to 2 weeks. Finally, the intelligent iPower function enables predictive maintenance, transforming it from reactive to proactive.

Cooling System

EHU, a solution for indirect evaporative cooling, uses heat exchangers in plastic material and EC fans to maximize the use of free cooling sources. Thus it allows to reduce the multiple heat exchanges to a single heat exchange, improving the cooling efficiency. Compared to traditional chilled water solutions, the solution EHU di Huawei achieves an Energy Use Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15 and a Water Use Effectiveness (WUE) of 0.37 – as demonstrated by a data center project in Ireland – and reduces the number of operations and maintenance by 60%. Thanks to the use of a modular and prefabricated architecture, the cooling system integrates multiple components in a single container, reducing delivery times by 50%.

Going forward, Huawei will continue to innovate and work together with its global partners to help operators implement increasingly sustainable and low-carbon networks to accelerate the achievement of carbon neutrality. What do you think of the new Huawei devices? Let us know yours in the comments section, we also invite you to follow our Instagram page, our YouTube channel and stay connected on to stay constantly updated on all the news from the tech world!

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