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Light up your creativity with the brand new Geomag Glow

Geomag has officially announced the launch of its new magnets called Geomag Glow, which are capable of emitting light in the dark

Geomagworld, the magnet innovator since 1998, has inspired young people from all over the world to explore the creative and imaginative world of magnetic construction. Thanks to its magnetic rods and steel balls, Geomagworld has provided children with a fun, constructive and educational environment to discover the countless possibilities in magnetism. Over the past 25 years, Geomag has developed numerous product ranges, including Magicube, the classic Geomag in different color modes and themes such as Pannelli, Supercolor, Glitter and Glow, as well as a new line of products for the more experienced builders: Mechanics . Thanks to a winning concept and three different platforms, Geomag is able to satisfy the needs of all ages.

With his latest Geomag Glow, the company has introduced brand new sets that can glow in the dark. Let’s discover them together!

Light up your creativity with the brand new Geomag Glow

Geomag is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using 100% recycled plastic in the production of its six products made with the utmost care and respect for the environment. The Geomag factory is located in Switzerland, in the European Union, and runs exclusively on hydroelectric energy from renewable sources, eliminating the need for fossil energy sources.

Geomag is an interactive educational activity for children and adults, stimulating creativity, ingenuity and problem solving through the use of magnetic rods and metal spheres. Team play is encouraged, and Geomag presents an opportunity to explore magnetism and develop spatial thinking and motor skills. Also, the sets enjoy certification.

The range of toys Geomag Glow offers kids ages 3 and up the opportunity to explore and build using the power of magnets. The sets, available in various sizesare made from 100% recycled plastic and feature a plant-based natural glow that glows in the dark, creating an engaging and challenging gaming experience for children. Each set offers endless building possibilities, encouraging problem solving and learning basic science concepts.

All Geomag Glow sets can be added to other Geomag ranges to create even bigger sets. As the range continues to expand, it allows children’s models and achievements to reach impressive heights. You can buy these sets from the official website!

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