Huawei Next Design Awards 2021: let’s discover the contest!

The 2021 HUAWEI Next Design Awards contest offers emerging designers the chance to share their creative designs globally and win $ 200,000 in fantastic prizes

Huawei officially launched on May 31, Huawei Next Design Awards, a contest particularly awaited by the art and design community. The event serves as a showcase for talented designers, offering them the opportunity to share their avant-garde digital projects with a huge pool of users globally. This year’s competition, with the theme “Let your inspiration flow”, Was hosted by HUAWEI Themes and co-organized by distinguished organizations, such as: Shenzhen Illustration Association (SIA), China Horologe Association, Gaoding Design and Originoo.

Huawei Next Design Awards 2021: let's discover the contest!

Building the new design paradigms

Since its inception, Huawei Next Design Awards has consistently attracted bright and talented designers, thanks to its global reach and international outlook. In 2020, the competition drew over 41,000 entries from 90 countries and regions, and over 100 award-winning designers were certified by HUAWEI Themes. The prestige gained from winning the competition resulted in considerable commercial success for a number of designers specializing in theme creation.

This year’s competition is divided into 7 different categories:

  • Smartphone themes– focused on the design of mobile phone interface elements, such as lock screens, home screens and icons;
  • Dials for smartwatches: addresses the design of dials and straps, with a particular emphasis on creative and personalized designs;
  • City in bloom: category that aims to enhance, through themes, nature in urban contexts;
  • Foldable Screen Themes: focused on developing themes of all those foldable products;
  • Enjoy the Moment: cross-sector competition category launched by Huawei in collaboration with Pizza Hut, which encourages designers to freely explore their creativity, offering fun and unconventional packaging;
  • Original IP: category in which participants are asked to create and create a fictional character following specific guidelines;
  • Backgrounds: category that sees the development of new creative and personalized backgrounds;

This year’s jury includes some of the most eminent names in art and design, including Song Xiewei – Dean of the School of Design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts; Klaus Hesse – co-founder of Hesse Design; Takashi Akiyama – international illustrator and poster artist; Thomas Paulen – CEO of VanBerlo; Wang Yuefei – co-founder of the Shenzhen Graphic Design Association; Ren Renwick – CEO at the Illustrators’ Association; Zhang Zhongyang – President of the Shenzhen Illustration Association; is Jeff Kuai – General Manager of Pizza Hut China.

Huawei Next Design Awards 2021: let's discover the contest!

HUAWEI Next Design Awards also sees two Italian entities as partners

  • School of Comics in Milan, founded by Giuseppe Calzolari in 1979, aims to train the best professionals in the sector and spread the culture of Drawing, Comics, Writing and Illustration, in every field of Visual and Narrative Arts. Students from all three Italian locations (Milan, Palermo and Verona) will participate in the contest.
  • Ars Art Space: the organization aims to promote the interest and knowledge of culture as a common good to create exhibition projects that can promote culture and young emerging Italian and foreign artists.

$ 200,000 in prizes for the best creativity

This year’s contest features $ 200,000 in prizes, including Grand Prize, Stars of Tomorrow, International Artists and Amazing Animators titles. The winner of the Grand Prize will receive $ 20,000 in total, including $ 10,000 in cash, $ 10,000 in projects dedicated to giving visibility to the artist, a smartphone HUAWEI Mate 40 e uno Huawei smartwatch. Winners are also designated as HUAWEI Themes Certified Designers, and therefore eligible to publish works on HUAWEI Themes.

Today’s users want custom designs that speak to their passions and highlight their style. Therefore, the themes for smartphones and for the face of smartwatches are a new aesthetic frontier and allow to bridge the gap between art and technology. Huawei Next Design Awards 2021 is a celebration of this new reality, where design can reach hundreds of millions of users and the imagination is no longer constrained by pen and paper.

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