Widilo: cashback and discount codes to save money on online shopping

In this article we talk about Widilo, a platform that provides everyone with a cashback system and discount codes to save money on online purchases. Let’s see how it works!

It is now well established that online purchases in many cases are more convenient from a price point of view. But with Widilo they will be even more convenient! In fact, this platform is among the most important in Europe in the world of cashback and discount codes and is the only one that recognizes 100% of customer commissions. Especially during the period of the pandemic, we realized that online commerce is a resource. With the advantages offered by Widilo we can make the most of this resource, saving on our purchases. Let’s see the details!

Widilo: cashback and discount codes to save money on online shopping

Widilo: how does the cashback and discount code system work?

From the user’s point of view, the use of Widilo is really simple and immediate. To begin we just need to register on the online portal completely free of charge. We can now activate cashback offers for our favorite stores with a simple click. obviously you have to read the requirements carefully to avoid missing the opportunity to receive the caskback. Once activated correctly, you can proceed with the purchase and you will receive the credit directly in your account to be able to use it in subsequent purchases through Widilo partners.

For example, you can buy the best of technology at reduced prices with a MediaWorld discount code and set aside the credit for a discount on a smartphone. Or buy one of the video games of the moment for less with a discount code CDKeys and get the cashback to buy the next triple A. Or you can still do it clothes shopping and then get a discount on the shoe to match. But the real advantage is that Widilo’s credit can be used without limits on all partner e-commerce platforms. So basically we can buy a pair of Adidas pants and use the credit to buy an Acer PC.

Widilo: cashback and discount codes to save on online shopping

How to save in more detail

Let’s see in more detail how the Widilo system works. There are two ways to save for online purchases. The first is that of use discount codes which are made available to subscribers. These are simple alphanumeric codes that can be entered at the time of purchase to obtain an immediate price reduction, as is done with gift cards for example. The second way is that of cashback. In practice, a benefit is received after completing a purchase in this case: a percentage of the expense is in fact transformed into credit that can be spent on subsequent purchases. Convenient isn’t it? Among other things, Widilo also offers the possibility of withdraw the accumulated credit by bank transfer in your bank account (as long as the value exceeds 10 euros).

How is it possible? In essence, retailers pay Widilo a commission for each purchase brought to termite through the platform. Widilo shares part of this commission with users. There is no gimmick and the system is totally free for the end user.

Widilo: cashback and discount codes to save money on online shopping

Take Widilo always with you!

The Widilo website is not the only way to get the benefits of cashback and discount codes. In fact it is also possible to download and use theWidilo app for Android and Apple devices, so you can access discount services at any time thanks to our pocket devices. It is also available too a browser extension that allows you to see in real time while browsing the partner e-commerce sites, so as not to miss any offers! That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!