Huawei P50 Pro review: top-of-the-range style and camera

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After spending a few days with the new Huawei P50 Pro, we are ready to tell you what we think of the new top of the range Huawei in this review. Already writing about the first impressions aroused by this smartphone we had been able to notice it unique style of design and the multimedia capabilities (from screen to audio), above all photographic. But now we feel ready to go into detail and tell you what the daily experience is like with the new P50 Pro from Huawei.

The Huawei P50 Pro review

As we had already told you when describing our first impressions on the smartphone, Huawei did not want to leave out any detail to shout as loud as possible that this smartphone is a real top of the range. Opening the package in recyclable material find a smartphone that immediately gives one sensationpremium‘. The lines are elegant, with the screen bending slightly on the sides of the smartphone, with the aluminum outline. The glass back (in our case in the very shiny and brilliant color Cocoa Gold) is interrupted at the top left by the camera module, the sensors of which are contained in two large dark circles. A style choice that is not afraid to draw attention to itself: Huawei P50 Pro is elegant and is aware of it.

In the package you will also find a cover in silicone trasparente, which allows you to show the color of the smartphone but protects against fingerprints which, with such a shiny glass on the back, can only be noticed. But there is also a 66W USB-C charger. A popular choice, especially at this juncture in which many top-of-the-range rivals are removing power supplies from the packaging.

In these days spent together with Huawei P50 Pro to prepare this review, it has proved to be a device that in addition to being elegant and solid. The construction and materials are of a very high quality, nothing less than what you should expect from over 1000 euros in price. However, Huawei also wanted to bring the certification IP68, ensuring it can withstand even a few too many splashes of water and dust.

The smartphone measures 158.8 x 72.8 x 8.5 mm and weighs 195 grams. But thanks to Huawei’s design choices, we seem to have a smartphone in our hands less ‘bulky’ than these data would suggest. Elegance goes on in this case.

Fabulous screen and audio

Hauwei has equipped the P50 Pro with a large screen from ben 6.6 in, enough for anything you want to do with a smartphone. Although as mentioned, the impression when you have it in your hands is of a smaller smartphone.

The panel YOU ARE has a resolution of 1228×2700 pixel, with a density of 450 ppi. If you like comparisons, iPhone 13 Pro Max does slightly better at 458 ppi, with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra reaching up to 515 ppi. But we doubt that even the most experienced eye can grasp this kind of difference: we are faced with a quality display absolute, which must not envy anyone anything.

OLED technology allows you to have absolute blacks and sublim contrastAnd. Even the animations of the Always On display alone are enough to prove this, as are the background images and quality animations of the operating system. But it is by watching streaming content that you will notice the difference with smartphones of lower price ranges. Watch an episode of a Netflix show or any other 4K video to appreciate what they are vibrant but natural colors.

huawei p50 pro screen min

He refresh rate from 120Hz (which you can also use in automatic mode to vary the refresh rate based on the activity) is then excellent in games, as well as the touch sampling at 300Hz.

And for any multimedia content you can use Huawei P50 Pro stereo speakers, which during this review really amazed us. It is a detail that many manufacturers overlook, but Huawei has equipped its smartphone with a quality sound system. Although sadly the audio jack is missing and you’ll have to rely on Bluetooth headphones when you can’t use the speakers.

At the top you find the discreet punch-hole for the camera in the screen, while at the bottom is the sensor under the display for unlocking with fingerprints. It took us longer than usual to register the fingerprints, but it’s worth it: it’s one of the more precise that we used.

Hardware and performance

benchmark huawei p50 pro min

Huawei has decided to go for one Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, last year’s flagship processor (when the smartphone actually arrived in China). A really good SoC, which allows you to manage any app and game you can use on a smartphone. In the model available on the Huawei Store they accompany it 8GB of RAM and 256GB memory, expandable via Nano Memory Card (which then enters the Nano SIM slot).

We tested the smartphone with the benchmarks of AnTuTu, yielding a result of 737163. That for those who do not know too much about benchmarks, it means that there is very little that this smartphone does not do with extreme fluidity and speed.

This is especially true for multimedia performance, with simply sublime graphics performance. Applications for watching streaming content are fluid and switching from one to the other, no matter how hard we try to ‘stress’ the smartphone, is child’s play. We tested casual game and also tried some of the games in the selection of Best of 2021 on the AppGallery. Come Guardians of Cloudia (an open world) e World of Tanks Blitz. In any case, the Huawei P50 Pro did not experience any slowdowns during this review and the performance (also thanks to the touch sampling at 300Hz) is really satisfactory.

The only negative in the hardware is the lack of 5G connectivity. Which in many areas of Italy will not be a problem but limits the ‘futureability’ of this smartphone. With the hardware available, this smartphone should last for at least two to three years with excellent performance. The lack of 5G could be felt. Although you can play and watch 4K content safely with 4G (we did it without problems).

The Bluetooth 5.2 helped us connect smartwatches and headphones without difficulty, the Wi-Fi 802.11 it should hold up even the fastest of connections. NFC also seemed very sensitive to us. In short: if we erase the flaw of 5G, on the hardware front everything is perfect.

huawei p50 pro specific features min

Battery and charging

Huawei has decided to immediately provide a 66W power supply for charging via USB-C, which in our experience takes about fifty minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 100% 4.360mAh. But in most cases (starting to charge once below 20%) half an hour is more than enough. Then there is the charging wireless a 50W, which takes just over an hour to complete the full charge and with half an hour gives you enough autonomy to last until the evening.

During the tests for this review, the Huawei P50 Pro lasted all day even with heavy use. You can overcome the 6-7 hours of active screen and not having to rush to a power outlet right away. The software also allows you to optimize performance in a number of ways, to ensure that you can also snap and chat all weekend without having to worry about bringing the adapter (but bring it anyway, you never know!).

There are those who do better in the smartphone world. But considering the power of the processor and the quality of the screen, the runtimes seemed pretty good to us.

Huawei P50 Pro review: camera

The design with the double circle of cameras definitely shows Huawei’s priority: this is a smartphone that is all about the photography. The four Leica cameras on the back are:

  • A wide main sensor from 50MP, f/1.8 with stabilization OIS e autofocus laser
  • Ultra-wide da 13MP, f/2.2 con autofocus
  • One periscope gives 64MP, f / 3.5 with OIS stabilization and 3.5x optical zoom
  • One sensor monochrome (B/W) yes 40MP, f/1.6

If you want the ‘quick review’, this impressive hardware keeps its promises: the shots are great. Especially during the day, when the pinnacle of the main sensor and the B / W work together to provide a quality white balance, many details and a lot of dynamism. AI, taking advantage of the effect that Hauwei calls True Chroma, allows you to show truly natural and precise colors, with great sharpness without neglecting the details of the subjects to increase the contrast.

Those unfamiliar with camera adjustments can use the pre-set modes with excellent results. In particular, l’autofocus laser of the main sensor works very well: you will get perfect focus even simply “opening and shooting”. But if you have the skills and the time to use it modality Pro of the camera software, you can customize your shots in every detail.

leica camera min

However, keep in mind that the viewfinder shows the image before the “magic ”software made by Hauwei e Leica: it has happened several times to find ourselves with a better exposed and focused photograph than the one we thought we would take. Which is a nice surprise, but better know before shooting.

An arsenal for mobile photography

Theymain ensor of Huawei P50 Pro proved to be the strength of this camera, capable of handling any situation. Even during the night shots we appreciated how the slight noise we saw in the viewfinder disappeared in the photograph taken, providing images with a good…