PlayStation: Bungie will support the development of live service games

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan provides further details regarding the recent Bungie acquisition, explaining how it will help create live service games.

We can say with certainty that, although we are only just in February, 2022 has started in a more than explosive way. Several weeks ago, Microsoft amazed everyone: gamers, members of the videogame industry, even economists, found themselves stunned by the billionaire acquisition made with the giant Activision Blizzard. In contrast to that, PlayStation fans had been quite concerned, awaiting a response from Sony to this incredible market move. And it is in the past few hours, with the acquisition of Bungie by Sony Interactive Entertainment, that it can be deduced that the company is not willing to be found unprepared.

Among the details given yesterday regarding the addition of Bungie to the PlayStation studios, it was found out how however, it will remain a multi-platform and independent studio, a rather different approach than the path Activision might take under Microsoft. In addition, the CEO of PlayStation Jim Ryan wanted to deepen the role that Bungie will take, which would be mainly aimed at creating live service games.

New PlayStation games aim for live services with Bungie

Since exclusivity is not present from the agreements, this new purchase initially raised some doubts about its real usefulness. And perhaps this is the reason why the president of PlayStation has further clarified what the new relationship with Bungie will entail, in a post published on the official website of the Japanese company. Essentially, Bungie is renowned for its live service games and releases in a variety of formats, and these capabilities of theirs will go to assist PlayStation in to realize one of the ambitions of the brand, that is to take it beyond the consoles and increase its potential audience: Bungie will therefore be the key in the development of future live service games created by other first party studios.

Conversely, the other PlayStation developers they will be able to “improve” the portfolio by Bungie. Jim Ryan argues that this is a strategic step in order to continue to evolve the videogame experience built up to now, and for some time it has been known how Sony was willing to significantly increase the multiplayer aspects and live service experiences. In other statements, Jim Ryan has also revealed how this is just one of the many acquisitions that may be revealed in the future; all that remains is to see what other surprises PlayStation intends to reserve. Meanwhile, Phil Spencer also reacted to this news, congratulating Bungie and PlayStation on their new union.

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