Huawei Watch 4 Series and Band 8: official in Italy

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Huawei today announces the availability of the HUAWEI WATCH 4 and HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro wearable devices. In addition, HUAWEI Band 8, the smartband with a colorful and trendy design, also arrives in Italy today

Huawei announces the availability of the new wearable flagships in Italy HUAWEI WATCH 4 Series e Band 8. The series has been created maintaining a futuristic design enriched by premium materials and combined with the most advanced functionalities in terms of vital parameters management.

Sir Mo Farah, a successful British athlete and one of the best middle distance runners in the world, supports Huawei in launching the HUAWEI WATCH 4 series in Europe. As a professional athlete, he knows perfectly well the importance of having a device that can help maximize your workouts and thus reach your maximum potential. “The new HUAWEI WATCH 4 is just another champion from Huawei. The finish premium made from titanium and the resistant screen make it perfect for even the most intense workouts,” says Sir Mo, “I use it not only to monitor my results during the race, but also to understand my general health and analyze all round my performance. With the ability to access all of this data via a single button, organizing my workouts just got easier.”

Huawei Watch 4 Series and Band 8: official in Italy

Huawei Watch 4 Series – Your all-in-one personal assistant with full monitoring

Smartwatches do not support monitoring lung functions, but the new HUAWEI WATCH 4 series can analyze them thanks to the new Breath Control function. Parameters like the breathing rhythm, Sp02 and the way you cough, together with information on possible risks such as the presence of polluted air, allow the analysis algorithm to provide results on the state of breathing and the general health of the lungs. You can easily access the new feature from HUAWEI Health, then enrich it with these new parameters to protect and monitor your breathing phases.

The HUAWEI WATCH 4 series supports advanced sleep monitoring features thanks to HUAWEI TruSleepTM 3.0., Huawei’s technology developed and optimized over the years, based on infrared light to monitor rest even more precisely by automatically tracking sleep phases, including the REM phaseand also analyzing the physiological parameters thanks to body movements, heart rate and HRV values.

Huawei Watch 4 Series and Band 8: official in Italy

Huawei Watch 4 Series: premium materials and elegant design for a high-level user experience

The HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro’s aerospace-grade titanium body gives the smartwatch a precious look, while the spherical sapphire glass that covers the display makes it elegant and, at the same time, resistant, perfect for everyday use without risking wear it out. Furthermore, this smartwatch features a 1.5-inch LTPO screen with a screen-to-body ratio of 71.72% and energy efficiency reduced to 1Hz with the Always-On Display (AOD). HUAWEI WATCH 4, on the other hand, features a stainless steel body with a 1.5-inch LTPO curved glass display and a ratio 74% screen-to-body and a thin 0.855mm bezel that echoes a futuristic design with moon and planet-inspired watchfaces. With an exclusive design and resistant and durable materials, the HUAWEI WATCH 4 series is a true flagship of the smartwatch sector. Both smartwatch models are waterproof up to 30 meters, 5 ATM of water resistance and come with IP68 certification, with support for free diving mode.

With more than 20,000 watchfaces available through HUAWEI Health, the HUAWEI WATCH 4 Series is perfect for expressing yourself to the fullest with a variety of themes to choose from. The series is inspired by space, an aspect that is also emphasized by the new watchfaces, such as Planet Quest, which recreates different planets of the solar system, and Star Voyage, inspired by space and spaceships and many others. Both HUAWEI WATCH 4 and HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro come with unique bands for different models: HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro it is available with an H-shaped mesh titanium strap with a shiny and brilliant design, or with a Dark Brown leather strap with a handcrafted finish with a modern and refined design. HUAWEI WATCH 4 is available with a black fluoroelastomer band for a sporty, minimalist design that is extremely easy to clean.

Huawei Watch 4 Series and Band 8: official in Italy

Huawei Watch 4 Series: everything you’ve always wanted, now in a smartwatch

The HUAWEI WATCH 4 series offers a design designed to improve the user experience, with a new layout for easier viewing of data and active apps. The function e.g Updated Make Calls and Send Messages in Standalone, Super Link function allows you to connect with smartphone and earphones from the same account, so users can answer calls, control music playback and take photos remotely right from their watch. Petal Maps Watch Edition is Huawei’s first map application for watches that can provide full navigation services without the need for a smartphone, it also supports real-time synchronization and vibration when notifications arrive, for maximum convenience when exercising.

The HUAWEI WATCH 4 series is a combination of power and endurance, thanks to the Dual-core 2.0 architecture that offers users two different battery life features of Standard and Ultra Life. Thanks to intelligent analysis, HUAWEI WATCH 4 automatically assigns the optimal processor to run applications based on usage scenarios, ensuring a quality user experience and minimizing power consumption. HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro e HUAWEI WATCH 4 they offer 4.5 and 3 days of battery life respectively in typical usage scenarios with Standard mode. For extended use, users can switch to Ultra Life mode which offers up to 21 days and 14 days of battery life for HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro and HUAWEI WATCH 4 respectively. is compromised and users can still make full use of features such as sport mode and health monitoring. When the battery runs out, the HUAWEI WATCH 4 series features HUAWEI WATCH Wireless SuperCharge for fast and convenient charging on the go. With a short refill of 15 minutesyou can use the device for a whole day.

Huawei Watch 4 Series and Band 8: official in Italy

Huawei Watch 4 Series: access your real-time health data to always stay in top shape

The HUAWEI WATCH 4 series represents a true innovation in health monitoring, with the ability to track several indicators simultaneously, beating its own predecessor. In line with traditional indicators such as heart rate and SpO2, HUAWEI WATCH 4 features enhanced features including stress level tracking, skin temperature measurement, and lung function monitor. Health Glance and Health Trends allow you to quickly and easily understand your health data, also complete with graphical features. Smart Health Reminders warns users by sending notifications and tips on a regular basis to help them maintain an adequate heart rate and monitor blood oxygen levels, as well as report any anomalies in a timely manner.

With functionality Health Community available on HUAWEI Health, users can also invite family and friends to view their stats and updates, allowing anyone with permission to check the health of their loved ones. Furthermore, thanks to the SOS function, users selected by the user of the device are alerted in the event of suspicious falls or accidents.

Over 100 different sports modes

The HUAWEI WATCH 4 series is a sporty companion that offers more 100 sports modes, including both more classic activities such as running, cycling and swimming, and even diving up to 30 meters. The novelty on the latest generation smartwatches is in fact the possibility of personalizing your free diving, selecting the type of water between fresh and salty, the temperature and the underwater compass. Users will be able to get the most out of their workouts thanks to the professional feedback provided by the HUAWEI WATCH 4 series ring system activity has been improved and works as a real motivator that motivates users to achieve their goals and provides real-time feedback and progress notifications.

Huawei Watch 4 Series and Band 8: official in Italy

Huawei Band 8 – comfortable, slim, light fashion design

Smart wearable devices are appreciated not only for their sports features, but for the lightness and comfort which, on the HUAWEI Band 8, are guaranteed thanks to the weight of only 14g and the thickness of 8.99mm. The smart band features a 1.47 inch AMOLED display and a vivid resolution of 368 x 194 with a 65% screen-to-body ratio to offer you a better viewing experience; it is supported by the 2.5D ultra-narrow bezel with high-quality curved glass screen and covered by CG glass plate that ensures a rich and dynamic experience even in such a small device.

HUAWEI Band 8 is available in three colors that express different styles and emotions: calm and serenity in the Midnight Black color, romantic spirit and kindness in the Sakura Pink shade, freshness in the Emerald Green version. All three variants include the new Press and Release technology which allows you to easily change the strap in just 3 seconds. To match the HUAWEI Band 8 to your look and mood, Huawei offers 10,000 creative watch faces available on HUAWEI Themes, perfect for starting the day with the right energy. Among the new models to choose from Frisbee, Frosted, Magic Balloons, SuperWatch, Figure8 and Style.

Huawei Watch 4 Series and Band 8: official in Italy

Huawei Band 8: professional wellness management

HUAWEI Band 8 offers a wide range of features to help users stay focused on their fitness goals. HUAWEI TruSeenTM 5.0 advanced sensors have been improved by 10% compared to the previous generation and, thanks to signal processing technology HiFi-Encoder, the recorded data is more precise and the measurements more accurate. HUAWEI TruSeenTM 5.0 technology allows you to monitor various biometric data such as heart rate, blood oxygenation, sleep phases, stress and management of the female physiological cycle, making HUAWEI Band 8 a professional-level smartband.

In addition, HUAWEI Band 8 integrates the sensor HUAWEI TruSleepTM 3.0also this improved by 10% compared to the previous model, able to record sleep data in a precise manner, identifying for example the time when you go to sleep, when you wake up and the different stages of sleep.

More precise and scientific workouts with HUAWEI TruSportTM

HUAWEI Band 8 brings the training system …

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