WhatsApp is preparing to send photos in high quality

WhatsApp introduce l'invio di foto in alta qualità thumbnail

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WhatsApp keeps getting better, with new functions designed to guarantee an ever more complete use of the app for users. The latest beta of the application introduced the possibility to send photos in high quality, with higher resolution and lower compression than currently available. Here are all the details that have emerged, so far, regarding the new function WhatsApp is working on right now.

WhatsApp will allow you to send high quality photos

The new function that WhatsApp will allow di send photos with a maximum resolution of 4,096 x 2,692 pixels. This is a significant step up from the current maximum of 1,600 x 1,052 pixels. What’s more, the app apply a less compression to the imagewhile preserving its quality.

For users there will be the possibility to switch from the “Standard Quality” at the “HD quality” when sending images directly from the settings. Sending a high quality image will be accompanied by the presence of a small HD badge next to the file sent.

Sending images in high quality with WhatsApp is still in beta stage but it should arrive soon also in the stable version of the application. For the moment, WhatsApp has not clarified how long it will take to complete the development. Further details on the new function for sending high quality images will certainly arrive shortly.

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