Huawei Watch Fit Mini: the elegant and light product

The new Huawei Watch Fit Mini is finally available, with features and price. Let’s see together the latest elegant and light product

Huawei Consumer Business Group, a leading company in the technology sector, announces the latest addition to the series Watch Fit, HUAWEI Watch Fit mini. His light body and the smooth design I’m perfect for i thin wrists or by i consumers wishing one smartwatch that doesn’t take up much space. Not only does it inherit from the Huawei wearables family the long battery life, the accurate heart rate monitoring and the rich e complete fitness functions, it is also equipped with a completely new design, smooth e light from rectangular shape, to allow users to better manage their well-being and explore various intelligent functions, all from their wrist.

Huawei Watch Fit Mini: the elegant and light product

All day comfort

The light frame of the clock, meticulously polished, And Elegant and of quality Well yes matches perfectly ad each strap for an always comfortable fit. There cash desk of the clock and the fins I’m incise in aluminium alloy, lighter than titanium, stainless steel, ceramic and other materials.

With a weight of 20g (excluding strap), HUAWEI Watch Fit mini is light even though guaranteeing a resistant body. Whether it is a leather strap or a strap in soft fluoroelastomer, skin-friendly and anti-allergic, it is dirt-resistant and comfortable to wear. Even with sweat, is in degree from guarantee a good use experience. The surface of the clock body, the edge of the strap and the surfaces in contact with the skin They were treated with care. The design Elegant e curved ensures a comfortable touch when wearing it.

Trendy design

The square case in light gold is combined with the classic strap in three different colors, Frosty White (leather), Mocha Brown (leather) and Taro Purple (fluoroelastomer), giving users more freedom of choice. The combination of different colors meets i various tastes of each user. Both in free time, al work O when doing sports, HUAWEI Watch Fit mini offers a extra touch to the outfit for every style.

The smartwatch not only comes with a choice of stylish straps but is also customizable using a range of watch faces with a wide variety of styles and themes that users can change at will, to suit their needs in different situations for create elegant style on the wrist.

Huawei Watch Fit Mini: the elegant and light product

Huawei Watch Fit Mini: monitoring of well-being

HUAWEI Watch Fit mini ha 96 comprehensive training modes to incentivize users a develop good training habits. Across the automatic detection training, the accurate data monitoring and the professional guide training, helps users to adjust their plans in time to better manage their fitness level.

In addition to 11 professional training modes including corsa indoor e outdoor, cycling, jump rope, elliptical, rowing machine, etc., there are also 85 modes training including fitness, ball games, dance, leisure training and extreme sports.

The device supports also functions as the heart rate monitoring in real time and the evaluation of the effects of training and helps users understand efficiency and the performance of the own workout. On the app HUAWEI Health you can set different heart rate levels such as fat loss and the improvement of endurance based on your training goals. HUAWEI Watch Fit mini can to monitor the heart rate in real time during workouts with notifications. When the heart rate exceeds the preset level, the smartwatch will automatically send a reminder. Each heart rate level has its respective training effect and users can adjust their training status according to their goals in time.

Long-term battery life

HUAWEI Watch Fit mini inheritance from the family of wearable Huawei features such as the long-lasting battery to be worn all day. It also supports the menstrual cycle reminder, providing users with daily assistance. In conditions of typical use, supports a duration of 14 day battery and of 10 days in case of heavy use. Ultra-long battery life allows to users of wear the smartwatch all day, even during sleep. In addition to this, HUAWEI Watch Fit mini supports the fast charging technology by Huawei. A load from five minutes can support the smartwatch for two days of typical use, providing users with a connected experience when working, having meetings and sleeping.

Huawei Watch Fit Mini: the elegant and light product

New AMOLED display

HUAWEI Watch Fit mini integrates the display FullView from the Huawei wearables family, with a display 1.47-inch flexible AMOLED with accurate colors to provide a high definition ed display effects clear and sharp. The display AMOLED not only has one range of colors more wide than the LCD, but it is also more light it’s more subtle, so as to guarantee a fuller color, a stronger contrast ed effects viewing more accurate, offering a pleasing visual experience and smooth touch control.

Huawei Watch Fit Mini: availability

HUAWEI Watch Fit mini will be available in preorder only on the Huawei store at a price of 99,00€ with HUAWEI Body Fat Scale 3 as a gift.

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