Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro, review: premium materials and a sporty heart

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Huawei presented its new smartwatch, with a refined look but with a sports heart: Huawei Watch GT 3 Prowhich we tested for this review. We admired the premium materials of this device, which it remembers classic watches for style and materials. But we also tested health tracking functions, workouts, notification management. A smartwatch rich in technology, but with a classic taste. And autonomy for even two weeks. Here are our impressions, to understand if it is the smartwatch for you.

Our Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro review

Opening the box of the Watch GT 3 Pro that Huawei gave us for this review, we were immediately impressed. We like the look of ‘classic’ watches and the titanium model we tested evokes it with great classAnd. Not only that: Huawei has really taken care of the details and we are thrilled.

The titanium watch case is perfectly smooth, with a captivating metallic color. There crown and button on the right side of the smartwatch continue the illusion of the old-fashioned smartphone, also resulting particularly snappy, with excellent tactile feedback. The sapphire crystal ensures great resistance. It has rather thick bezels, but that go well with the overall aesthetics of the smartwatch. On the back of the case from 46mm (is high 10.9 mm from your wrist) found in the ceramic surrounding the health sensors, arranged in a circle to avoid interference with light.

We also liked the strap, always on titanium, with butterfly opening. We have very easily removed a couple of links to adapt the length of the strap from 22 mm on our wrist. But know that if you have wider wrists you can add them just as easily: Huawei has added in the box several additional links.

With the strap, the watch weighs 54 grams. Which for those used to smartwatches and sports bands could be many. But compared to a classic watch we are average: we have found the right and well-balanced weight. It didn’t cause us any problems while running or sleeping. It does not bother us even at this moment, while we are typing on the keyboard.

If you are looking for a smaller version, you can buy the version in 43 mm white ceramic. But we really appreciated this titanium variant, with a classic but discreet taste. With watches, ‘overdoing’ becomes easy. We think Huawei has found the right compromisea style that we promote with honors.

A well-made screen

If the construction materials and attention to detail alone are worth the price, a smartwatch must also be smart, necessarily. And to make the most of the features for sports or reading notifications, you need a display at height.

Huawei has supplied the Watch GT 3 Pro with a display from 1.43 inch circular AMOLED. The display has a resolution of da 466 x 466 pixel, for a density of 326 PPI.

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The screen offers bright colors and deep blacks. The brightness allows you to see apps well even in direct sunlight. The watch faces then there are many, even if some for a fee. It is also really responsive to the touch, you can swipe up to see notifications or down for settings, or scroll through the various features of the smartwatch quickly.

The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro review: health and sport tracking

The sensor system TruSeen 5.0+ allows you to detect various health parameters and monitor your effort while you are doing sports. In addition to monitoring the heartbeat constantly, you can also measure the level of blood oxygenation. Huawei also has supplier a thermometer to measure body temperature. And there is no shortage of the usual ones, fromaccelerometer al barometerpassing through the GPS.

Associando Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro all’app Huawei Health (which from June will also have workouts and diet tips with the Health + subscription), you can precisely monitor various parameters and compare them in a simple but complete way.

Il sleep tracking seemed accurate to us, in line with what was shown by the other devices with which we compared it. Huawei also allows you to evaluate your level stress, offers simple breathing exercises. And with the proprietary apps and those downloadable through the App Galleryyou will have a truly complete package of options.

Unfortunately, ECG and atrial fibrillation monitor are missing, present in the Chinese version of the product. It should be a matter of patents, theoretically solvable with future updates (but always remember not to buy tech products for future functions).

Running and workouts

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We tested this new Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro on the run as soon as it got there for this review. The lower key of the smartwatch allows you to quickly access the sports activities to monitor. By pressing it twice, you can go directly to the most recent activity.

Running requires a few seconds to activate the GPS (like other outdoor activities). Once you start moving your legs, the large screen of the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro shows in a clear way of walkingthe kilometers traveled, the past time and the heart rate, also giving an indication of your effort (aerobic, anaerobic, etc.).

We ran with a second smartwatch on the other wrist and the smartphone on the arm, so evaluate the accuracy of Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro. During the first run he showed us a few meters more than our Fitbit and a little more than the smartphone, but already from the second time the differences were even smaller. In general, it seemed to us accurate, also in the detection of the heartbeat. Every kilometer Huawei’s wrist assistant tells you a steady pace, heart rate and more. We are used to running with a podcast or music in our ears, so we didn’t use the feature much. But we are sure that it can be useful for many athletes who are more “concentrated” than us.

We also tested the smartwatch during a session with the rowing machinea pair of HIIT workouts free body and during a short swim in pool (withstands up to 30 meters underwater). It always seemed pretty accurate to us, accurate in detecting beats and movements. Don’t expect the accuracy of chest straps or professional devices, but it performs very well compared to smartwatches on rivals. Here too, passed with full marks.

Smart functionality

In addition to sports and health, there are several full-fledged smartwatch features aboard the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro, which we enjoyed during this review. But there are some limitations. For example the only quite limited response to notifications. We responded to Telegram and WhatsApp notifications with emojis, but it is not possible to write a reply or dictate it. Also, a couple of times we happened to receive the same notification twice (always with messages on Telegram). Nothing unsurpassed, however.

On the other hand, call management is perfect: the volume (adjustable with the crown) is good and the other person heard us well too, thanks to good quality microphones.

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HarmonyOS 2.0 offers several applications that you can use, with others to download according to your needs. From the moon phase watch to Petal Maps for step-by-step navigation, passing through the calculator. You can also control the music on your phone or download some songs to keep in memory (so as not to carry your smartphone with you while running, for example).

If you have uno smartphone Huawei, interactions still improve. In fact, you can use the voice assistant and take pictures remotely directly by clicking on your wrist. There is also support for the Huawei Wallet (there is NFC), although we were unable to use it with the current version of the smartwatch software.

But also with a smartwatch Android (6.0 or later) or iOS (9.0 or later) whatever you can enjoy most of the features. It doesn’t have the full Apple Watch ecosystem or its own notification management, but it does have what most users need. And a battery that lasts much longer.

Autonomy for two weeks

The battery from 530mAh allows an autonomy of even two weeks. That depends on how many times you use the smartwatch’s GPS, no doubt. But even the most passionate corridor or cyclists will be able to overcome ten days with relative ease.

The magnetic charger included in the package has a fairly long cable that ends in a ‘USB-A (the transformer is not included, but you can use that of your smartphone). Charging is quite fast, even given the relatively minute size of the battery. In just a few minutes you should have enough energy to be able to spend all day with the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro on your wrist without worrying.

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro review: is it worth buying?

On the Huawei Store site you can already buy Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro, with the price that varies according to the case and strap materials:

  • Leather or fluoroelastomer strap and 46mm case: 369,90 euro
  • Titanium case and strap, the 46 mm case (the one we tested): 499,90 euro
  • White leather strap and 43mm case: 499,90 euro
  • White ceramic strap and 43mm case: 599,90 euro

At all these prices, by June 26th you can subtract a discount with the code you find …

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