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Human: Fall Flat celebrates anniversary, sales and the arrival of the new level

Human: Fall Flat celebrates spectacular sales milestone (beyond 30 million copies distributed worldwide, including mobile) and the arrival of a new level, coming straight from the minds of a fan of the community. The No Brakes Games and Curve Digital developers couldn’t be happier.

In all this, the game also celebrates 5 years of activity. In all this time he has been able to build a community of passionate, crazy physics-based puzzles lovers. The new level, called “The lab”, will be released during this summer.

The new content was developed by “Bumps”, an active member of the community who won the Fantastic Machines Competition. He took home $ 10,000 and the honor of really contributing to the video game he loves. The community also drew three new aesthetic skins, which will be released in parallel with the new level.

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Le parole di Tomas Sakalauskas with Human: Fall Flat

Tomas Sakalauskas, CEO e Founder di No Brakes Games, Creator of Human: Fall Flat, said:

“We couldn’t be happier for reaching this milestone. 5 years ago we first launched Human: Fall Flat on PC, featuring 8 levels based on physical puzzles. Now our game is available worldwide on PC, mobile and console, and includes 17 (and soon 18!) Challenging levels. We have distributed over 30 million copies and we really can’t believe how far we’ve come ”.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the amazing Human: Fall Flat community. I’ve always wanted to create a game that inspires creators and players to build and explore new levels, without any limitations. I am constantly amazed by the community innovation we see every year. We look forward to living many more years like this in the future ”.

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