Humankind: the new trailer is dedicated to the art of diplomacy

Humankind: the new trailer is dedicated to the art of diplomacy

SEGA and Amplitude Studios have released a new trailer dedicated to the strategic Humankind, dedicated to the ever-eternal art of diplomacy

Humankind is a strategy game that echoes the idea brought forward by Civilization, in which you can develop your cities, develop technologies and control your armies, while interacting and creating relationships with other civilizations. The title was supposed to come out last year, but it was obviously a victim of the Coronavirus pandemic and is slipped inexorably towards this 2021, even if there is still no news for a possible release date. Last summer, Amplitude had also announced the launch of a nice contest, dedicated to lovers of strategy and memes. And in the past few hours, the company, together with the publisher SEGA, has also released a new trailer dedicated to Humankind.

A trailer entitled “The Power of Diplomacy”, the power of Diplomacy, an art that will be fundamental in being able to play the title. It will be diplomacy that will allow you to create meaningful stories and relationships with a system that includes treaties, complaints, alliances, backstabbing and so on. The battles will therefore be fundamental, but they will not take place in isolation. In fact, open conflict is a very small part of human history. What has always characterized it in the inexorable flow of time is the ability to create relationships: rivalry, grudges, commerce, kinship, alliances. We leave you the trailer below.

Humankind leaves room for diplomacy in the new trailer

Humankind’s diplomatic system aims to create interesting stories based on the player’s interactions with the map and other opponents. If your local neighbor has made you angry, annoying you, you can send a not very nice letter asking them to stop with certain attitudes. Have you been stabbed in the back by your longtime ally? You will have several ways to get revenge. You can build friendships, ask for compensation or directly start wars. It will be up to you to decide how to govern.

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