Roblox: how to download the app on all platforms

Roblox: how to download the app on all platforms

Roblox is the new app that allows everyone, young and old, to create video games. Let’s see in this guide how to download Roblox on the various platforms

Roblox is a very popular platform aimed above all at young kids who want to experiment with video games by approaching the creation of videogame worlds for the first time. In fact, the application allows not only to enjoy the creations of other users, but also to create your own personal game in a very simple and intuitive way, in fact the system is aimed at a very young target. Roblox is available on all operating systems Windows, iOS and even on console Xbox One. Let’s go through this guide to see how to download roblox on the different platforms.

Hardware and software requirements

The first thing you need to do is go to the official website and subscribe to the service with the classic username and password. Once this is done choose the device where you want installed Roblox, or if you want to use the service through PC Windows, system iOS, smartphone Android or console Xbox One. You will see in this guide, which download Roblox it won’t be complicated at all and that you will eventually be rewarded with a thousand features and a thousand hilarious titles. Lastly, remember that one is required connection from minimum 4 Mb / s, recommended from 8 Mb / s. Let’s go now to see i minimum requirements necessary to start Roblox on yours device, depending on the various operating systems.

  • PC Windows – Sufficient Windows XP, Windows 7 or later system recommended. Processor with at least 1.6 GHz frequency. RAM must be at least 1GB. The graphics card must support DirectX 9 and Shader Model 2.0 drivers. Finally, there must be 20 Mb of free disk space.
  • Mac – Lion operating system 10.7 or later. As for the hardware specifications, they are the same as the Windows PC version.
  • Android devices – smartphones and tablets equipped with Android 4.0.3 or later, an ARMv7 processor (or higher) and a Tegra 2 chipset.
  • FireOS devices – Kindle Fire HDX 7 (3rd generation), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd generation), Fire HDX 8.9 (4th generation), Fire HD 6 and 7 (4th generation), Fire HD 8 and 10 (5th generation) and Fire (5th generation) generation). Not supported Amazon Fire HD 2013.
  • iPhone e iPad – iPhone 4s and iPad 2 or later with iOS 8 or later.
  • Xbox One – console Xbox One

Roblox: how to download the app on all platforms

Bundle Pricing – How to Download Roblox

Despite Roblox can be downloaded and used for free, it’s possible buy and sell many inside games, tools and objects through the virtual currency proprietary call Robux. That’s not all, in fact, Roblox allows the purchase of real paid plans that allow players to access the various features and application contents. Let’s see in this chapter what they are.

  • Free – no daily Robux bonus, inability to create groups and sell items, no login bonus, 10% paid access. Allows you to enter the game in a maximum number of 5 groups. Finally, there is the presence of advertising banners.
  • Classic – at $ 5.95 / month or $ 57.95 / year. It offers a daily bonus of 15 Robux, an access bonus of 100 Robux, the possibility of entering a maximum number of 10 groups and creating 10. It allows the sale of items without advertising banners. Access paid at 70%.
  • Turbo – priced at $ 11.95 / month or $ 85.95 / year. Offers a daily bonus of 35 Robuxes. Access bonus of 100 Robux, possibility to enter a maximum number of 20 groups and to create 20. It also allows you to sell items and does not have advertising. Access paid at 70%.
  • Outrageous – costs $ 19.95 / month or $ 129.95 / year. It offers a daily bonus of 60 Robux, a login bonus of 100 Robux, the ability to join and create 100 groups. It allows the sale of items and does not show advertising content. Access paid at 70%.

Roblox: how to download the app on all platforms

Download Roblox on Windows PC – How to Download Roblox

To download Roblox its PC Windows as mentioned, you just need to connect to the official website of the platform first create an account filling in the registration form. The form provides for the insertion of the classic fields, date of birth (in month, day and year format), username e password, kind and finally check the terms of registration and on policy per la privacy. Once this is done you can get started downloading the game you want within the main page of the service. Then press Play and subsequently Download and Install Roblox. At this point, start the executable RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe.

At the end of the download and installation of the program, click on Ok. Along with the game you notice that it has also been installed RobloxStudio, program to create games and share them, or sell them, on Roblox. Well done! Now you can play your favorite titles. Then go to the page of your favorite game on the website, click on Play and then on Apri Roblox. Alternatively, if you have Windows 10 operating system, you can download Roblox directly on Microsoft Store going to the page of Roblox and clicking on Get.

Roblox: how to download the app on all platforms

Download Roblox on Mac – How to Download Roblox

Although on many occasions the world iOS be excluded from the world videogame due to lack of compatibility of software and platforms, do not worry, Roblox it is also available for Apple systems. To start, create a Roblox account following the same procedure mentioned for Windows, that is subscribe to the official page and, choosing any title, press Play and subsequently Download and install Roblox to start the Roblox client download.

Open the dmg package and double click on the executable, answer You open the on-screen warning and wait for the download and installation by Roblox and RobloxStudio. At the end click on Ok to close the procedure. Now, as with Windows, you can start games simply by going to the site of the platform and clicking on Play e accepting the execution of Roblox that you just installed (by clicking on Consented).

Roblox: how to download the app on all platforms

Download Roblox on Android – How to Download Roblox

If you love to play on mobile you can play titles Roblox also on smartphones. All you need is to own a device Android, smartphone or tablet. So let’s find out how to download Roblox on mobile in a very simple way! First of all you need to log in to Play Store and search inside Roblox. Wait for the download and the automatic installation which will start later. You are now ready to play your favorite titles too on mobile.

However, you will not be able to create new games, because the software RobloxStudio is only available on Windows PC and Mac. That said, playing on Android will be enough open the app and log in via login by entering your details account. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do it without problems by clicking on Sign in and following the procedure described in previous paragraphs.

Roblox: how to download the app on all platforms

Download Roblox on iPhone and iPad – How to download Roblox

Roblox is available as we have seen, as well as for Android devices and PCs, also for iOS systems. Let’s see in this chapter how to install Roblox on iPhone and iPad. First look for the application in theApp Store via the search bar. Once found, then press Get. Verify your identity via Touch ID, Face ID or by entering your password ID Apple. Wait now for the download and install the app. Now started the app and log in with your data registration. If you have registered you can find all yours progress and your favorite games saved in your account.

Roblox: how to download the app on all platforms

Download Roblox on Xbox One – How to Download Roblox

If you are a console gamer you will be pleased to know that it is possible access Roblox even on Xbox One consoles. First, if you haven’t already, you have to connect the console to the internet via the menu Settings> All Settings> Network> Network Settings and selecting the item Configura rete wireless in the sidebar. Alternatively you can connect your console with ethernet cable. At this point, log in to your account Microsoft in the main console menu. Then open it Store Microsoft in the main menu and search for the app. One time downloaded and installed the application log in to yours account Roblox and keep playing your games with i game progress saved.

Roblox: how to download the app on all platforms

In conclusion

We have seen in this guide on how to download Roblox, that the procedure is not difficult at all and that you have the opportunity to use the application on many different platforms and with packages of subscription different. All that’s left for you to do therefore is have fun. We remind you that you can buy Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox, as well as other video games discounted, at this Instant Gaming link!

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