Hybrid cloud leaders have an edge in digital transformation

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According to one research commissioned by Fujitsu, for companies that manage to adopt a strategic approach to hybrid cloud there is the possibility di increase the likelihood of completing digital transformation effectively by a factor of four. The survey looked at around 300 companies, confirming the importance of hybrid cloud as a key element for digital transformation. Here are the details:

Hybrid cloud is essential to complete digital transformation

Leading hybrid cloud companies are more likely to complete digital transformation effectively. This data emerges from the Unlocking the Secrets of the Hybrid Cloud Leaders report which is based on research conducted globally.

They are defined “Leader” in the hybrid cloud companies that have adopted a global approach in this sector. These realities have managed to accelerate digital transformation by registering greater resilience against the challenges of managing the workforce during the pandemic.

Note that the survey confirms how “Leading” hybrid cloud companies are twice as likely to seek collaborations from external providers for process management by outsourcing management.

The survey results were unveiled at the launch of Cloud Managed Services, Fujitsu’s new suite of cloud management services.

The company comment

Shunsuke Takagi, Senior Director, Hybrid IT Global Offering Lead di Fujitsu, said: “It is clear from the research commissioned by Fujitsu that, to complete their digital transformation, it is essential for any company to have a holistic hybrid cloud strategy. Another characteristic of the leaders is the willingness to outsource the management of the hybrid cloud and collaborate with external suppliers ”.