Honda ZR-V, il nuovo SUV ibrido arriverà nel 2023 thumbnail

Honda ZR-V coming in 2023

Honda ZR-V, the new hybrid SUV will arrive in 2023 thumbnail

Honda had already announced a new SUV model for the C segment, but now the Japanese company has revealed more information and, above all, the name. The new model, which will arrive on the European market in 2023, is called ZR-V and will be placed between HR-V and CR-V in the range of the Japanese manufacturer. The ZR-V model designation is not entirely new to Honda. In China, in collaboration with partner GAC, a model of the same name has just been presented. The Chinese ZR-V however largely corresponds to the new Honda HR-V already announced for the US market, which differs significantly from the known HR-V in this country.

The ZR-V announced for Europe is not fully electric, but is offered with an electrified engine. Honda’s full hybrid concept is called e: HEV. However, the Japanese company has not yet revealed which of the two systems under this name it intends to use.

Honda ZR-V, which version of the powertrain and: HEV will be chosen?

There are two predictable options. In the first Honda uses the e: HEV system already present in other models for the European market such as the HR-V. This powerplant combines two electric motors with the 1.5 liter petrol engine. The system performance is 131 hp and 253 Nm of couple. Honda, in this case, does without a change. The petrol engine from 107 HP directly drives the front wheels, which happens only when dealing with dirt or at moderate speed on the motorway. If not, the electric motor takes over, with the HR-V humming silently only until battery capacity runs out. In this case, the petrol engine takes over.

A second option could be the use of the new Civic platform and its engine and: HEV Full Hybrid. The hybrid in this case consists of an electric and a two-liter petrol engine and has a combined output of 184 hp and 315 Nm. It is mated to an e-CVT transmission.

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