Hygraner made a graphenized fabric to fight COVID

Hygraner ha realizzato un tessuto grafenizzato per combattere il COVID thumbnail

Hygranes, a startup from Abruzzo, has patented and built the first one graphenised meltblown fabric which can also be used for fight COVID. It is a solution created starting from a green graphene, derived from processes that involve the use of agricultural production waste. The microfiber fabric can be used for making antiviral PPE and can rely on ISO 18184: 2019 certification. It should be noted that, at the end of its life cycle, the fabric patented by Hygraner to fight COVID can be recycled for the production of different types of products.

Hygraner has made a graphenized fabric to counter COVID

The Abruzzo startup, founded in 2016, Hygranes has made iThe first antiviral graphene microfiber fabric. The project involves the production of a meltblown fabric with fibers made up of a polymer and functionalized graphene. This solution is able to stop the proliferation of the virus, oxidizing its cellular components and, in fact, going to shut down its activities. The fabric made by the startup is certified ISO 18184.

The material is able to exploit nanotechnology to kill viruses, from Covid-19 to the flu, as well as many bacterial strains. Hygraner clarifies that the tissue is able to block viruses, such as that of COVID, entering, managing to partially annihilate it already at the first contact. Moreover, after two hours, up to 85-90% of the virus ceases all activity.

An ideal product for making masks

The solutions that use graphene microfibre fabrics, with different weights and porosities, allow the realization of surgical masks IIR, FFP2 and FFP3. For users there is the possibility to benefit from greater breathability than other solutions.

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