Google Fuchsia arrives on the first generation Nest Hubs

Google Fuchsia arriva sui Nest Hub di prima generazione thumbnail

Google Fuchsia, the new operating system of the tech giant, is slowly arriving on all devices 1st generation Nest Hub. The operating system, which unlike Android is not based on Linux and uses a microkernel called Zircon, was previously made available for a few select devices in May. And now it seems to finally come out of this testing phase. Indeed, apparently, the new Fuchsia would already be available for many of the devices. Just check to see if this is the case.

Google Fuchsia OS available on Nest Hub devices

It is generally thought that a device that has gotten a new operating system will be totally different from what it was before. But that’s not the case with the first generation Nest Hub devices at all. The new Google Fuchsia, in fact, does not seem to have changed the functioning of smart home devices at all. Indeed, quite the opposite. It has been designed to guarantee users a certain continuity. And he does it very well too, let me tell you.

The only way to know if you have got the new operating system, in fact, is to check the “Device Information” section from the Settings menu. Here you will find one string of numbers which identifies the software version, and if this is particularly long then it is likely that you have installed Google Fuchsia. If it is very short, you certainly have the old CastOS.

In any case, the fact that there is a possibility that users may not notice that they have a new operating system gives us to think. Indeed, when the news of Fuchsia broke out about 5 years ago it seemed very exciting. To date, however, there is no difference with the previous operating system. And perhaps this is precisely Google’s strength: being able to make users feel at ease while changing the system of their devices.

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