Hype presents WOLF, the lifestyle program close to the community

Hype presenta WOLF, il lifestyle program vicino alla community thumbnail

With BE SHAPING THE FUTURE, a leading consultancy company in the Finance world, Hype presented today Wolfa new the lifestyle program close to the community. It is a forward-looking program aimed at revolutionizing the relationship between users and Italian fintech to talk not only about finance and the economy but about everything that can affect the individual’s daily life.

Joseph Virgone, CEO of HYPE, commented on the new project as follows: “Bringing the public closer to major issues and events that impact the financial markets, offering access to new opportunities and bringing more and more digital tools into the hands of our customers to help them manage money according to your habits is our mission. The new WOLF program designed for the HYPE community responds to the needs of a generation that demands transparency, trust and security from banking services but also closeness and experiences. Ours is a welcoming technology that knows how to speak and accompany everyone, with an extremely personalized approach that brings the newest and most innovative solutions into the hands of users.
adjusted with the utmost simplicity and speed”.

Discovering Wolf by Hype


Wolf’s goal is to bring the public closer to the major issues and events that impact the financial markets and everyone’s life. This also translates into tools to help customers live their passions to the fullest with awareness and independence of their finances. WOLF represents an evolutionary challenge that explores new spaces and focuses on an unprecedented dimension: being an experiential, engaging and educational ecosystem within a financial app.

But for Hype, the fulcrum of everything is the community, in which to recognize and share values, passions, lifestyles. With over 1.7 million customers, Hype is the reference point in Italy for simplified money management. This puts it in the ideal position to contribute to the diffusion of a greater awareness regarding the new challenges that the evolution of the markets poses.

Here comes Stories that matter, the Podcast with Fedez

The first step of this project is the birth of “WOLF | Stories that matter”, the original HYPE video podcast hosted by Fedez and produced by Doom Entertainment. The video podcast will be distributed every two weeks for free on all major streaming platforms and in the HYPE ecosystem, where exclusive backstage content and unedited images will also be available.

Wolf’s future

WOLF will develop on three main pillars:

  • Edutainment con “WOLF | Stories that matter” the space dedicated to economic stories that have marked an era – told with a video podcast of 18 episodes a year under the creative direction and management of Fedez – as well as interviews with exponents of Italian finance and in-depth digital formats
  • Entertainment con “WOLF | Styles, trends and passions” the place where the community meets and shares new styles and trends with interviews and video podcasts created under the creative direction and curatorship of partners of excellence – including Vanity Fair Italia for fashion and costume and Rolling Stone for music and entertainment
  • Convenience con “WOLF | Partnership” within which Partners selected by WOLF – including Sky and Plenitude – present the community with exclusive and reserved advantages and benefits that will be enriched from month to month

Giuseppe MayerCEO of BeWow, a company of the BE SHAPING THE FUTURE group, commented: “In a market context where the explosion in the offer of financial services risks generating fragmentation and confusion, the ambition with which WOLF was born is to go beyond the simple definition of quality products and services, our ultimate goal is to raise public awareness of the importance of knowing how to manage one’s finances correctly, providing not only innovative tools and customized solutions, but also valuable content and experiences capable of attracting, involving and retaining an increasingly large audience.”

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