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WhatsApp is testing a newsletter feature

The name is both didactic and immediate: Newslettera new feature that should arrive in the coming months on WhatsApp. As reported by AndroidPolice, the famous messaging app of the Meta group would be testing this new tool that will help manage your community in the case of companies, influencers or journalists. In short, anyone who needs to communicate with their audience.

Newsletter will be a one-to-many tool, i.e. from one to many. The user who creates the message will thus be able to send it to multiple contacts. Put like this it doesn’t look too different from the classic Broadcast listwhich allows you to send a single message simultaneously to an infinite number of contacts in the address book. However, there are some subtle but substantial differences.

Newsletter and Broadcast list: WhatsApp expands the one-to-many tools

The big difference with Broadcast lists is that with Newsletters it is not the sender who decides who will receive the messages. It is the users themselves who decide whether to subscribe to the Newsletter of a specific creator, thus receiving his communications. Furthermore communication will be one way: it will not be possible to reply to the Newsletter (but you can always send a private message to its creator). The functionality could be particularly useful to brands and associations, which will thus be able to communicate offers and activities to their community. However, the possibilities of use are almost unlimited.

Important to point out that Newsletter messages will not have end-to-end encryption (E2EE). A negligible detail, given that being one-way messages they should not pose any risk to the security of personal data. Likewise, no one will be able to know which newsletters you have subscribed to or if you have decided to unsubscribe, not even the creator himself. From the point of view of layout, however, the Newsletters should appear in the Status section. These will appear in chronological order and no spam or advertising newsletters will appear in the section: only those that you decide to follow.

Finally WABetaInfo reports that Newsletter is currently only the code name of the feature, which could be renamed if WhatsApp decides to officially implement it. However as a codename it seems pretty weak: where’s the code?

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