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Hyundai honored three times at the 2022 Newsweek Autos Awards

Hyundai won in three categories ai Newsweek Autos Awards 2022: the best brand for its value, the best small SUV and the best small Pickup. Demonstrating that he knows how to dominate some fundamental segments for the car market.

Newsweek Autos Awards 2022, Hyundai vince tre premi

Il American current affairs magazine Newsweek celebrates the best automotive products on the market every year. An important recognition for brands. And above all a way for us drivers to find the right model for their needs. In fact, there are thirty-three different thematic areas.

Hyundai has won in three of these categories, all of which are quite important. Indeed Newsweek recognizes the brand as best brand for its value (“Best Brand for Your Buck”). Mentre Kona vince come “Best Small SUV” e Santa Cruz come “Best Small Pickup”.

Nuova Hyundai KONA Electric 14 1 min

Ricky LaoDirector, Product Planning, Hyundai Motor North America, explains that “Receiving these three awards from Newsweek Autos confirms Hyundai’s relentless commitment to producing vehicles that are perfectly suited to the needs of US buyers” and beyond.

According to the manager, technology really makes a difference. “With powerful and efficient powertrains, advanced and diverse technologies, innovative design and total safety, Hyundai satisfies its customers more than ever.”

Kona offers an original design that also includes N and N Line sports fittings, which have very interesting dynamic details. But strategically, the Kona Electrica fundamental step on the road to electrification.

Instead Santa Cruz is a real Sport Adventure Vehiclea pickup that is positioned perfectly especially for the US market.

If you are looking for more information on these products, you can find them on the Hyundai website.

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