Hyundai, how smart headlights work

Hyundai, i fari intelligenti aiutano automobilisti e pedoni thumbnail

Safety for builders is everything and Hyunday presents i go smartwhich help motorists and pedestrians.

The idea is the work of Hyundai Mobis, the company controlled by the Korean company. This is dedicated to technological innovations. He recently presented the very strange Ioniq 5 able to move diagonally.

Hyundai, intelligent headlights help motorists and pedestrians, press office source

so theHD Lighting System developed by Mobis. This allows symbols and writing to be displayed directly on the road and improves safety for pedestrians as well.

Hyundai, how smart headlights work

In essence the system consists of 25.000 micro LED 0.04 mm large. High definition and of a DMDa serie Of very small mirrors which act as spotlight.

The many micro LED, are almost 200 times more than those found on common lights. They allow you to more accurately detect the presence of objects and pedestrians.

While connecting with the front camera. And the navigation system allow the car to recognize road signs and detect pedestrians

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In this way, the signals are projected directly onto the “luminous carpet” on the asphalt, making them visible to other cars and other road users as well. This proves particularly useful for people, with the pedestrian crossing that are specifically illuminated (or even “created”) by the lighthouses.

The statement of Hyundai Mobis

From the headquarters of Hyundai Mobisin a note they explain: “In the age of autonomous driving, software technology capable of integrating numerous car components into a single device will be more important than ever.

Hyundai Mobis is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge headlights and the safety technology that can control them.” The Korean house does not provide timelines for now. About when and which models it will equip.

Hyundai introduces smart headlights, but it’s not alone

The innovation developed by Hyundai is similar to the one presented by Ford a few months ago. Even the American House has created gods go smart able to project on the asphalt i signals road.

Including the presence of a Dangerous bendof a roundabout or an intersection. Furthermore, by relying on sensors and cameras, the car can recognize gods parking lots sufficiently spacious thus saving precious time in research. Both Ford and Hyundai, however, have not given any indications on a possible debut on production models.

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