Hyundai introduces Plug & Charge in Italy for electric cars

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Effortless automatic charging for Hyundai EV customers

Hyundai makes the feature available Plug & Chargewhich eliminates the need to use the app or recharge card for electric cars, even in Italy.

This system, in addition to making the even more convenient and secure public chargingallows customers to save time byautomatic authentication.

The brand’s first car with this feature, made available by one of the most recent OTA updatesand the Ioniq 6but will also be present on the new one Kona Electric since the launch, which promises to be imminent. Currently, the operators offering charging points with this technology in the Old Continent are Ionity e Aral Pulsebut more will be added in the future.

However, through collaboration with charging solution providers, including Digital Charging SolutionsHyundai Motor Europe ensures its EV customers have access to a reliable charging network across the continent.

For this feature to work, you need to enable it in your account Charge myHyundaithen it will be sufficient to connect the car to a recharging point enabled a Plug & Charge to start reloading. In the first link following activation, a certificate it is automatically installed on the vehicle in about ten seconds and allows the following charging sessions to start automatically.

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