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Hyundai presents the ACR robot for automatic recharging

The solution for Reload the car automatically comes with the robot Hyundai. ACR is the auto-charging robot Hyundai draws its inspiration from the droid GONK from the Star Wars saga.

Hyundai, how the ACR robot works

Arrived near the parking lot and stop the car. The gonk of Hyundai ACR opens a channel of wireless communication with the electric vehicle to unlock the charging port.

Then calculated the angle and position using a camera. The robot removes the charging cable from its socket and connects it to the car until the cycle is complete. When ACR disconnects from the car, communicating the closure of the charging flap and returning to its location, ready for the next car.

Robot Hyundai 1 1Robot Hyundai, Fonte Hyundai

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Dong Jin Hyunhead of the laboratory of Hyundai robotics Motor Group, explains: “The ACR will help make charging electric vehicles easier and more convenient, especially in dark environments. It will also improve accessibility, particularly for people with mobility impairments, as charging cables get thicker and heavier to allow for high-speed charging.”

Robot Hyundai 2Robot Hyundai, Fonte Hyundai

ACR the Hyundai also got a high degree of waterproofing and dust resistance (IP65). Its performance has been greatly improved, so that it can work stably even in extreme environments. In addition, the engineers installed a safety device with a built-in laser sensor to prevent possible accidents, allowing it to detect both stationary and moving obstacles and capable of warning an approaching person.

Now, the Korean group expects that the automatic charging robots will significantly increase the ease of charging of electric vehicles and, when combined with autonomous parking systems, can improve the use by charging several parked vehicles in sequence.

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