I still feel vertigo: the docu-series on Elodie

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A docu-series, entitled I still feel vertigo, dedicated to Elodie is about to arrive on Prime Video. Let’s find out some more details

A new docu-series is about to land on Prime Videothis time dedicated to the singer Elodie. The expected release date is February 20, 2023. In this new production, the artist, discovered by Amici in 2016, will not have to play anyone’s part, but she will simply be herself, ready to show the public every facet of herself and her career.

I still feel dizzy: Elodie takes us behind the scenes

The images will speak, to show the public the “behind the scenes” of what the spectators see when she is on stage. In I still feel vertigo, Elodie will stop to tell the most important moments of her career, including the moment of searching for the right song for the Sanremo Festival 2023. All with an eye always turned to her emotions, in particular to the constant swing between the continuous desire to do better, growing as a person and as an artist, to the conviction of not being able to be enough.

I still feel the vertigo will be composed of 3 episodesdirected by Nicola Sorcinelli and produced by Matthew Oak e Leonardo Godano. The production was born through a collaboration between Groøenlandia e Prime Video.

I still feel vertigo: the docu-series on Elodie

The other projects of the singer

Recall that the singer has already been involved in film projects, such as the recent one I eat your heart, where she starred as Marilena Camporeale, in stunning black and white photography. The film, a story of love and mafia, was presented at Venice Film Festival.

It is truly a golden age for the Roman singer also in the musical field; in fact, we will soon see it at the San Remo Festival with the song Due. A rhythmic piece, which speaks of a love story that ended even before it began. The song will be included in the album OK. breatheoutgoing on February 10th. 2023 will then continue among many other commitments, including his first show at the Milan Forum il 12 maggio.

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